Healthy Eating Tips for a Guilt-Free Vacation
September 1, 2023

Does this happen to you, whenever you go on a trip you put on some extra weight? Or does your gut become problematic? Or do you always keep thinking about those extra calories that you consume while roaming around? So, here we are with some easy tips to make your vacation guilt & gut problem-free. …

Inexpensive Ways To Give Your Home A New Look

Every now and then you feel an urge to give a complete makeover to your home. But every time it can’t be expensive. That’s why here are some inexpensive ways to change your home completely that too on a budget. 1. Bring low-maintenance indoor plants 2. Use a large rug in your living room 3. …

What is Skin Flooding?
August 29, 2023

Social media is packed with viral skincare trends and skin flooding is one of them. Skin flooding is nothing but layering up many lightweight products and using a facial mist between each layer. Influencers claim that this technique gives an intense hydration boost to your skin and nourishes it at the same time. As per …

5 Reasons to Wear Silver Jewellry
August 25, 2023

Well, oxidized silver jewellery has never gotten out of fashion. Silver accessories are one of the most cherished ones in a women’s jewellery collection. The reasons are it suits every skin tone, and colour and goes well with ethnic, bohemian & fusion wear. Another reason why women prefer silver jewellery is that they are highly …

How To Find Out Your Scalp Type
Here’s How To Find Out Your Scalp Type?
August 22, 2023

Do you know most hair problems are caused because you don’t use products for your scalp? Yes, the scalp also has types such as skin. Using the right products according to your scalp keeps it healthy and promotes healthy hair. Your scalp not only determines the health of your hair but also your skin. Do …

The Ultimate Colour Theory for Your Skin

Basically, there is a colour theory to pick the best colour for your outfits which makes you look brighter and glowing. The process of picking the best colours of clothing is called Colour Analysis and is done by professional stylists. Choosing the best colour for your skin tone ensures that you always look good irrespective …

Things That Never Go Out of Fashion

Though it’s a little extravagant, it wouldn’t be completely wrong if I say fashion is the fastest in this world. You buy trending things and then they go out of fashion within a blink of an eye. If you are a fashion lover, I can definitely say that your wardrobe is cluttered and you have …

Do You Know What is Water Toxicity?
August 11, 2023

Water toxicity is nothing but when you drink too much water and it upsets the electrolyte balance of your body. The condition in its extremity can be fatal and is as real as food poisoning. In a recent event, an Indiana based mom died after drinking too much water too quickly. She got severely dehydrated …

Dream Girl 2 Fever Catches Mumbai Police
August 10, 2023

Ayushman Khurana starrer Dream Girl 2 is going to release on 25th August. However the fever has spread already amongst the fans. Even Mumbai Police flexed about being one of the biggest fans. Recently, they posted a traffic awareness video which features the famous song ‘Dil Ka Telephone’ from Dream Girl. Video shows a man …

Turn Your Hobbies Into Side Hustles
August 8, 2023

Turning your hobbies into side hustles can be a rewarding way to earn some extra income doing what you love. Let’s check out a few hobbies that can become great side hustles. 1. Product photography 2. Personal styling 3. Pet sitting 4. Handmade jewellery making 5. Scented candle making 6. Graphic Designing 7. Home decor …

Clovia Partnership Program Discontinued
July 28, 2023

The Clovia Partnership Program is an affiliate program where you become a member/partner of the brand. You get a digital store to sell Clovia products. With each product sold, you get a percentage of the maximum retail price. This referral program helps women earn something extra. Even some women make up to 1 lac per …

How to Actually Lose Weight with Correct Methods?
July 26, 2023

I am sure that this has happened with you one in your lifetime when you thought about loosing weight but couldn’t loose weight actually. Even some of you have actually loose weight but that phase didn’t lasr long and you gained even more weight. So the trick to actually loose weight with correct method which …

5 Offbeat Places to Visit This July
July 14, 2023

Mount Abu – Only Hill Station In Rajasthan Panchgani – The Strawberry Land Ziro – The Crown of North EastKalimpong – The Kingdom of CloudsPatan – The Medieval Capital of Gujarat

Rekha Takes Over The Internet Again

Once again India’s ageless beauty Rekha takes over the internet with her latest shoot with Vogue Arabia. She is dressed in several opulent ensembles by Bollywood’s prestigious fashion designer named Manish Malhotra. Each of her looks tells a story about rich culture, glamour and regality.

Going Vegan is Great for Skin
July 11, 2023

Cutting down on processed meat means less intake of saturated fats and sugar. A vegan diet is rich in anti-inflammatory food, which boosts skin radiance, improves hydration and plumpness. It aids in the body’s natural intoxication process and your skin glows from within.