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Meet The Model- Anita Dmubroska

Beautiful Anita hails from the country of Ukraine. She enjoys the company of her mother, father and brother while in home town. As much she loves her time there, her love for travelling is also unconditional. Anita is a big time travel enthusiast and loves to visit and explore new places around the world.

Her visit to India became one unforgettable journey as she found her passion in modelling with top modelling agencies of the country. Owing to a photogenic face and great persona, Anita has become quite a favourite of many brands in India and has graced many of them with her charm.

This final year Tourism student is also a great volleyball player and finds her solace in dancing and music.

Loves Clovia because:
Anita is a big fan of Clovia bras for their comfort factor and great fit. She also adores the fabrics and especially gorgeous and elegant laces that are used in our versatile range. She is also one of our avid shoppers.


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