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All About Shapewear

Shapewear Glossary

Shapewear these days has become one of the basic must-haves for women. Over a period of time it has managed to create a special space in every woman’s wardrobe. Be it for party wear, office wear or even just for a day-out with friends, shapewears can totally transform from your look and boost your confidence.

A lot of women don’t get really confused while picking a shapewear. There are so many options available these days that picking just one becomes a task.  So let’s have a look at all the different styles that are out there in the market.

Types of Shapewear

•  Body Briefs

A body briefer is a shape wear which resembles your everyday panty. It is designed with medium to high compression panels on the front, side and back to smoothen out your lower abdomen and make it look flattering.

•  Control Camisoles

These are shape wears designed in the camisole or tank top outer shell with built in shaping panel, pads and/or underwires. Control camisoles minimize flab and lift up the bust.

•   Long Leg

Long leg shape wears run down to thighs. These shape wears generally control bulging and jiggling of thighs providing them a smooth appearance.

•  Saree Shapewear

This style works well with ethnic outfits like sarees, lehengas and even skirts. Designed with targeted compression to smoothen out your waist, hips, back and thighs, this also lends a mermaid shape to the body. Easy to wear, this skirt style shapewear goes invisible under body-hugging outfits.

•  Corset

Corsets are designed to make a woman’s waist look smaller and sexier with lifted up busts. Since the ancient ages, corsets are used as body shapers. It’s the modern era that considers them as lingerie.

•  Merry Widow

This is another type of corset. These are generally strapless and are notable by the characteristic center point at the bottom of the garment.

•  Seamless Shapewear

These are shape wears that has no visible seams. Seamless shape wear is ideal under fitted dress and skirts as they avoid ugly outlines.

•  Waist Cinchers

Like corsets, waist cinchers are shape wears designed to control midsection bulges. Multiple adjustments and hook front closure ensure comfortable fit.

Features of Shapewear

•  Gusset Closure
Gusset closure refers to the crotch closure of shape wears. These closures are generally in the form of hook and eye or snap front.

•  Broad Shoulder Straps
Broader the shoulder straps the better the lift for heavy busted women.


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