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Weekend plans in your PJs

8 things to do in your PJs this weekend

Weekends have a very lazy and comfortable vibe for most of us. After a long week filled with work, drama, deadlines and submissions, all we long for, is a relaxed cosy weekend that shouts COMFORT! And the best way to feel comfy at home is to slip into your most favourite PJ’s! Ah! that feeling is so heavenly and if you don’t feel the same way then probably you don’t own the comfiest Pj’s yet. But you can always shop one from us. If you want to experience comfort like never before then head to and pick some really good PJs for yourself. It’s when you actually start feeling light and cool like you have nothing to worry about [which is an illusion, but why not?]. So to make your weekend better, here are 8 things you can do in your PJs that’ll give you the weekend satisfaction you need.

1. Be Ms Green Fingers

Be Ms Green FingersNothing is better than getting closer to nature and plants. The time and feel are refreshing on another level because scientifically speaking, your brain is automatically attracted to greenery, so why not relax your mind this weekend. Go ahead and plant some plants in/around your house on your own, cause trust me doing it yourself will give you a different level of satisfaction which is exactly what you are looking for in the weekend. Comfortable PJs and peace, I’m in!

2. Chai and chill [ or coffee]

Chai and chill [ or coffee]Taking a break from all the morning rush irrespective of what you do, let’s take a moment to celebrate the importance of that first cup of tea or coffee in the morning that is usually gone with the wind. Make yourself a nice masaledaar cup of tea and enjoy it with some good snacks while you snuggle in these luxurious satin PJs.

3. Friends and Netflix

Friends and NetflixSo let’s not make it hectic please, no stressing over planning where to go and what to do. Just call your friends over for a good time of Netflix with some delivered food maybe [PIZZA!}. This is a time you can spend away from others and with people, you actually like and need. The conversations just keep getting better when you sit in comfortable PJs with food. Also don’t stress about what to watch, you always have F.R.I.E.N.D.S [pun intended].

4. Baking

BakingIts time you gave a treat to your sweet tooth and do it in this very sweet We Bare Bear nightsuit. Even if you are a fitness freak, weekends call for cheat days and once in a while, we can all be like a cute little panda eating some sugary food right? Cheat days are a delight for your inner kid soul so don’t disappoint it. Slip into your PJs and go all out with those chocolate cakes, pastries and brownies and have a ball.

5. Read a book

Read a bookA good book is like a gift and a very useful one. So, during your free time on the weekend, try picking up and reading a really good book and try not to go for an electronic version of it like an E-book or Kindle, rather pick a real book cause therein lies its’ soul. So cosy up under a comforter wearing your fav long-sleeved button-down Pj set and read on.

6. Pick a hobby

Pick a hobbyHobbies go a long way in life. Picking a hobby can make you learn so much about yourself and also make you better at what you do. Try picking a hobby like painting, singing, writing or learning to play an instrument. These come as real mood refreshers and can make your day a lot better than it is. It’s always good to indulge yourself in something you love to do while wearing something you love to wear.

7. Play games

Play gamesFor the girls out there that love gaming, let’s go! For those who don’t know about it, gaming can be a real stress buster. Whether it’s your PC, Playstation or even your mobile, you can take this time in the weekend to catch up on some real gaming action while you relax in your PJs and the vibe is just set. If you are not inro E-games, you can always go for board games or cards which are equally fun-filled.

8. Have a good sleep

Have a good sleepThis is primarily the thing we miss out during the week rush, a good sleep. This is what matters the most and it’s time to treat yourself to a good, relaxing and comfortable sleep in your comfortable PJs. Keep the room cool at just the right amount, grab a comfy blanket and off you go into a dreamy sleep that squeezes the stress out of you.

Check out some really comfortable, soft and fashionable PJs at Clovia and pick the one that matches your style for every occasion to make sure your weekend is a smooth ride all along.

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