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Styling Bralettes For Summer

Styling bralettes for summer

The sun’s out, days are longer and the weather’s clearer, summertime freshness has finally filled the air. A much-needed respite from your winter fashion where you would be buried under heaps of clothes. Summer brings its fashion-forward styles where you can rock those, off-shoulder tops, breezy dresses, tops & shorts and many such summer outfits. But this is something that everyone else will be wearing and most times you would too. But on certain special days, why not don something to stand out from the crowd? Whether it’s a brunch date or a clubbing night, one piece of garment can help you with that. Presenting bralettes, styling them this summer can make you be the head-turner at any place. 

What’s a Bralette?

A bralette combines the best of both worlds, a bra and a crop top. It hugs your body right like a bra and is modest enough like a crop top. They come in a variety of styles and are most often crafted with lace fabric. Do you have larger bust? Don’t worry bralettes come in all shapes & sizes and offer you maximum comfort and support apart from a flattering silhouette. While some may think it’s a bold choice, there are countless ways you can style a bralette in. And you may find atleast one that you may be able to pull off. 

#1 Style Them with High-Waist Denim Jeans or Shorts

This look is simple but looks effortlessly chic on every body type. We all know high-waisted bottoms are in fashion. So for a casual day out, you can pair your bralette with denim shorts or high-waisted flared denim jeans. Throw on some chunky jewellery and strappy flats or heels, whatever you feel comfortable in. With this simple look, you can never go wrong!

styling bralettes with high-waist denim

#2 Layer it With A Shirt or Shrug

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a bralette as is, layer a shirt over it. A basic white shirt can work too! For layering, you can also choose a colourful printed shrug. Since it’s summer opt for breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton so you aren’t uncomfortable in the heat. You can go a little overboard with jewellery. Go for chunky earrings or a necklace in bright shades for a colourful summer look. 

styling bralettes with shrug

#3 Pair it With A Sheer Top 

If you think you can’t pull off a bralette just by itself, another option is to wear a sheer top over it. A non-padded lace bralette would work best in this pairing. You can go with a bottom of your choice according to the place & occasion you’ll be wearing it too. One thing you should keep in mind is the neckline of both the bralette and the sheer top. Since bralettes generally have a deep neckline, you can opt for a top with a higher neckline so both complement each other.

styling bralettes with sheer top

#4 Wear it With A Skirt 

Whether it’s a short or a long maxi skirt, your bralette will look great with both. It could be flared, pleated or pencil, whatever skirt you have lying around, don it with a bralette and see how it elevates the whole look. For footwear, opt for heeled wedges or stilettos and you’re all set. 

styling bralettes with skirt

#5 Be The Boss Babe

For this look, simply wear your bralette underneath a blazer. For bottoms, go for formal pants. Keep the jewellery minimal, just some gold earrings would do and don’t forget a matching belt. Your shoes should be the same colour as the belt for a more put-together outfit. 

be the boss babe with bralettes

#6 Take it The Athleisure Way

Athleisure may not be everyone’s preferred choice but it does look good on everyone. For this look, pair your bralette with biker shorts, tights or joggers. You can also layer it over with a jacket or shirt. Since it’s an athleisure outfit, your footwear choice should be sports shoes or sneakers. 

styling bralettes with sneakers, caps and joggers

We can all agree that clothes help enhance your confidence levels. Wearing something flattering on you can be a major confidence booster. So if you haven’t already, why not try something different this summer season? Bralettes are a must-have in your wardrobe and you can shop a variety of them from Clovia. There’s no denying that they are a comfortable, stylish and versatile piece of garment. 

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