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5 things he thinks about your ‘Nightwear Style’

5 things he thinks about your ‘Nightwear Style’

Most of you may have heard the saying, ‘We are what we wear’, and it’s true. Our dressing does matter, especially when we are with our better half in the bedroom. Your nightwear can speak volumes about you in the minds of men, so let’s take a peek into a man’s mind and know what he thinks about your nightwear.

Nightsuits = Organized

Nightsuits = OrganizedWe all know that co-ordinated nightsuits are a representation of a neat, organized and disciplined person. That one person who is considered perfect and even dresses up to sleep is the bearer of the nightsuit armour. Believe it or not, that’s what a guy thinks when he sees a girl in a matching button-down shirt & pyjama set. It gives out an organized and disciplined vibe and a man thinks, “Wow! This woman is serious and knows her business.” a serious turn-on for sapiosexuals.

Nightgowns are Classy & Sexy

Nightgowns are classy and sexyNightgowns were made famous by women of class, especially from the movies. Not too sophisticated but not too casual, gets a man thinking that she is surely up to something. A classy woman with the hint of a seductress, when a man lays his eyes on you, he sure will be losing his mind over the sexiness you carry along with you to the bedroom.

Babydolls are for Dolls

Babydolls are for dollsSo you want cosy cuddles and lots of love? Walk into your bedroom with a baby-doll on, and your man will get the message. Seeing you in a baby-doll, all a man thinks is that, she needs lots of love tonight and you are gonna get all the sweet bubbly love you need.

Shorts & Tee is for You & Me

Shorts & Tee is for You and MeSo you’re not in the mood to dress up and just wanna throw on boxers and a tee? To a guy that’s like the most perfect thing ever, especially if the clothes belong to him, cause, let’s be honest, boys don’t care about what we wear when we sleep, so it’s good to see someone with the same taste, cut us some slack. They create a lazy and cosy environment and makes a guy think that this girl just needs her time to relax and loosen up.

Nothing is EVERYTHING!

So, you knew this was coming; sleeping with nothing on is like therapy! It has numerous health benefits but also, it can make a man go crazy. You are technically wearing your skin and that is the most beautiful thing for a man. I bet he isn’t even thinking anything at this moment or if he is, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what.?

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