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Steal These Fashionable Items from Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe

Fashionable Items to Steal from Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe

One of the many benefits of having a boyfriend – besides the nighttime cuddles, constant companionship and dinner dates – is that it’s pretty much an unwritten law that you’re allowed to borrow any of his clothes.

Here are ways you can steal your boyfriend’s clothing gear and feel stunning in your new(ish) clothes!


Besides being overwhelmingly comfortable, there’s something wistful about wearing a piece of clothing with a texture and scent that reminds you of your significant other. Heading for your boyfriend’s wardrobe for this in-vogue style is a different fun altogether. Style it with a stylish neck piece or just tuck it into your jeans with a bralette.

Love at first White 

A plain white shirt is the look of ultimate seduction. Set the look on fire by wearing a lacy black bralette underneath and you’d be walking out straight from a top high street store.

Jump into Jumpers

Jumper dresses are big in for this season and will be one of your go-to items. It’s so easy to wear and you can just tie a belt around your waist if you want that perfect silhouette. Add a dash of style by wearing a lacy bra inside.

Streetstyle Hoodie

If you’re looking for something that will be warm and look good then definitely see if you can borrow his sweatshirt. Now guys if you are reading this, note that we don’t just steal your hoodie’s because it’s cold or anything; we take them coz we look good in them too!  And also there’s always room for one more.

Take-over with Tuxedo 

 An oversized tuxedo jacket on a woman is another name for sexy.  In reference, it also happens to be one absolute versatile piece of clothing. Jazz it up with cool bottoms, and a perfect bralette to go with the entire ensemble—Tadaa!! Your cocktail dress is ready!

Jazz up the Jeans

“Boyfriend” jeans didn’t earn that name out of thin air. FYI some of the most stylish trend these days. Go grab a worn, lighter-washed pair, cuff them at the ankles, and wear a belt.

Do the Denim 

 With ’90s grunge style rearing its head once again, a jean jacket makes the perfect cut. So, next time your man has his back turned, mark his rugged denim jacket, roll up the sleeves, add some retro “flair” buttons, and throw on a bralette to give the jacket some feminine mystique.

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