Caring for your bra

It’s not just you,your bras too need some care and pampering.. :)

Everyone deserves a break and so does your bra. To make a bra last longer, give 1-2 days break after wearing them.

For padded bras, reshape the pad while it’s still damp.

Lay your padded bras flat in a drawer or a lingerie box. This will help them keep their shape.

For a new bra, start off with wearing it on the outermost hook. It tightens over uses.

Hand wash your bra or use a lingerie bag during machine washes to avoid entanglement with other garments. A lingerie bag can be made out of net or muslin or even a pillowcase, basically anything that will let water pass through but secure the bra inside.

You can try using white detergent with a fabric softener or a brightening agent to avoid greying.

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