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shapewear glossary

What are the different types of Shapewear?
Different types of Shapewear
•  Body Briefers

A body briefer is a shape wear which shapes from bust to hips. They come in high cut and long leg designs. Most body briefers have an open front crotch for suitability and convenience.

•  Boning

Boning is basically the rigid plastic, steel or metal wires stitched into a garment’s vertical seams to add support and provide a lift. They provide great compression, which is the reason corsets provide such amazing waistlines.

•  Compression Garments

These shape wears are ideal for post-operative use. Breast augmentation post-operative bras, tummy tuckers, thigh compressor are common compression garments including abdominal binders and girdles.

•  Control

Shape wears provide four kinds of control, light, moderate, firm and extra firm. You can always go for the one that suits your body type and requirements.

•  Control Camisoles

These are shape wears designed in the camisole or tank top outer shell with built in shaping panel and underwire. Control camisoles minimize flab and lift up the bust.

•  Control Slips

Control slips are reinforced with control panels to control bulges. Generally, control slips are seamless and the make skirts and dresses look smoother.

•  Corset

Corsets are designed to make a woman’s waist look smaller and sexier with lifted up busts. Since the ancient ages, corsets are used as body shapers. It’s the modern era that considers them as lingerie.

•  Foundation Garment

During the ancient days, shape wears were called foundation garments.

•  Girdle

Synonym to a shape wear can be a girdle . It ranges from the waist and runs down to the hips.

•  Gore

A sewing term, this refers to a triangular or diamond shape piece of fabric inserted into the seams of a garment to offer more shaping.

•  Gusset Closure

Gusset closure refers to the crotch closure of shape wears. These closures are generally in the form of hook and eye or snap front.

•   Long Leg

Long leg shape wears run down to thighs. These shape wears generally control bulging and jiggling of thighs providing them a smooth appearance.

•  Merry Widow

This is another type of corset. These are generally strapless and are notable by the characteristic center point at the bottom of the garment.

•  Padded Panties

Padded panties come with additional padding at the rear and sides. The padding enhances the natural curve of your hips. Reinforced support panels in control tummy bulges.

•  Pantie Girdles

Pantie Girdles are designed with reinforced panels and restricted elasticity fabric to trim down the tummy and shape up the rear. High waist and low waist, both the options are highly functional.

•  Pantliner

A pantliner is a tight-fitting shape wear that sits at the waist and extends to mid-calf. It is designed in a way to help the legs look slimmer, smoother and toned.

•  Seamless Shapewear

These are shape wears that has no visible seams. Seamless shape wear is ideal under fitted dress and skirts as they avoid ugly outlines.

•  Waist Cinchers

Like corsets, waist cinchers are shape wears designed to control midsection bulges. Multiple adjustments and hook front closure ensure comfortable fit.

•  Waist Nippers

Waist Nippers are also referred to as waist cinchers

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