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Bikinis: What makes THEm the ULTIMATE UNDIES?

One of the essential functions of ladies underwear is complementing the outerwear in a way that sets the foundation for outer bottom wear. We go gaga over getting the latest & best in bras , but despite the panties serving us as daily indispensables, we often ignore their importance. They are capable of serving us beyond the mere functionality for personal hygiene. When worn rightly underwear can actually accentuate your style quotient in a subtle elegant way!

Why are Bikinis useful?

Bikinis are presently the most adored style in the panties category. It sits below the waistline and provides medium coverage both in front and back. Bikinis are slim on sides whether they are in low cut or high cut styles. Best suited for moderately sized bottoms the style has descended from the fashionable swimwear lines.

What are different types of Bikinis?

Based on the coverage they enable, coupled with different styles in cuts, bikinis tend to be figure specific:

Low rise bikini:

Sitting daringly low on your waist line with side seams not more than 1.5 inches, these petite garments provide less coverage. It goes best with low waist garments.
Low rise bikini

Medium rise bikini:

These are the most popular and comfortable styles available. The optimum coverage rendered by these is ideal for daily wear. The side seam is up to 2.5 inches. 
Medium rise bikini

High rise bikini:

Best suited for the heavier bottoms these come with side coverage as that of medium rise ones yet greater curvature for leg openings. It sits closer to the waistline. 
High rise bikini

Why do you need to SPORT A BIKINI UNDERWEAR?

  1. A proper size and cut helps minimize the visible panty lines.
  2. The low-rise bikinis are ideal for low rise denims or bottoms.
  3. The comfortable coverage makes it a great choice for everyday use.

How many STYLES do bikinis have?

Bikinis are so versatile when it comes to style and comfort, there's a great scope for experimenting with styles, designs, fabrics etc. A variety of fabric and laces go into making of bikinis.

Cotton bikini:

Ideal for the tropical weather, high-quality breathable and soft textured cotton goes into its making. These come in solid colors and prints.
Cotton bikini Cotton bikini

Lacy bikini:

These make for some of the sexiest styles of all. Carved delicately in pretty laces, they subtly conceal problems areas and enhance the feminine form. These come as a single panty or lacy lingerie sets.
Lace Bikini

Seamless bikini:

These are aimed at minimizing the panty lines. A variety of colors are available to match with your outerwear.

Seamless Bikini
Few Bikini TIPS to keep in mind

You must keep a mental note of the following while shopping for bikinis:

  1. Decide what look would go best according to your requirement. Bikini styles suit most body types, so there are a lot of options to choose from.
  2. Avoid wearing bikini under body-hugging clothes especially with muffin top style that can further aggravate your problem areas.
  3. The right fit is a must for avoiding embarrassments. Stay true to your size.
  4. You can buy bikinis in combo packs of 3-5 shopping as it would save you some cool bucks.
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