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When It Comes To Bras ‘Size Does Matter’

We all know that getting the right size bra makes all the difference. Despite that most women end up wearing the wrong size! Why you ask? Well to understand the whole size debate we need to go back in time to our childhood days.  Where we were often the butt of size jokes. No I am not talking about weight (not to say those jokes are easy to take). I’m talking about adolescence. You know that age when we first start…well, ‘entering womanhood’ (as some of the more conservative mothers used to put it). As if pimples and periods weren’t enough to deal with, there were these awkward breasts. The irony was that if we took longer than our girlfriends to grow breasts, we were self-conscious. And those of us who grew too big too fast, we were…well…self-conscious!

And then there were boys – teenage boys that made the whole phase even more awkward. Lets face it, we all know a bunch of girls that were rather well endowed and at the receiving end of the boys’ jokes. The favorite jaunt – ‘she’s so big, she must be size D.’ And hence set in the myth in all our self-conscious minds – A must be the smallest and that means D is, well, too big!

However old you are, its time I cleared up that myth. Women’s breasts sizes and bra sizes range from AA to JJ. So D is actually right at the beginning of this spectrum. And to put you more at ease, let it be known that up to fifty percent of woman are actually D and bigger!

So D, or even bigger, if you’ve got them, flaunt them. The fact is that those very boys now have D’s and a bunch of other alphabets on their mind, most of the time, so you’ve got the last laugh.

Besides, they have their own ‘size’ issues to worry about!




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