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Magazine » Lingerie 101 » Bras » Mommies Guide For Finding The Best Maternity Bra

Mommies Guide For Finding The Best Maternity Bra

Editorial Desk May 29, 2018 4 min read


In the course of advancing pregnancy women experience gradual increase in breasts’ size and often sore sensations at nipples. This happens as pregnancy hormones trigger lactation in breasts in preparation for feeding newborns. Nursing & maternity bra is functionally specialized at providing additional support to pregnant and lactating women. These facilitate breast feeding by virtue of specially-designed bra cups built with flaps that can easily latch on and off via clasps. This avoids the hassle of completely removing off bras while feeding.

A wide variety of maternity and nursing bras available in the markets nowadays can leave new mom-to-be in dizzying confusion!

Here’s an indispensably informative guide that will help you know as precisely how to choose best maternity bra.


Yes! You got that right!

Then what do Maternity Bras do?

Maternity Bra supports growing breasts during pregnancy. These are designed to have wider straps, cotton lining & stretchable cups. Some bras also come with extra hook & eye adjustments on the band for accommodating the growing breasts

Clovia Tip: A bra extender comes in handy in case the band feels tight.

How are Nursing Bras different from Maternity Bras?

Nursing bra, retains most features of a maternity bra and in addition, it has cups with flaps that open and close with a quick clasp to facilitate easy breast feeding.


Pregnancy related bodily changes are accountable to the play of hormones. The time of onset and degree for growth of breasts vary in every woman. So the decision to buy Maternity Bras should be in sync with individual body needs. Breasts usually start growing from the 16th week of pregnancy. Women may either experience uniform growth of breasts throughout pregnancy, or show a growth pattern where there’s uniform growth during first trimester phased by another growth period during the end phase of third trimester.

It is highly advisable that expecting women or new moms go for frequent bra shopping for good-fitting, comfortable and versatile maternity/nursing bras. Wondering where to buy maternity bras? Well, check out some great ones right here.

What features to look out for while shopping for a maternity bra?


Firm underband
80% of breast weight is supported by the underband. Women need to carefully scan the bra stocks for strong & firm under bands.


Wide hook n eye
The wider the better! For maximum support a bra with three hooks or more will be great as it also aids periodical adjustments.


Supportive shoulder straps
Maternity Bras with wide straps provide tremendous support to growing breasts. For added comfort women can opt for cushioned shoulder straps that are not too stretchy.


Breathable easy to feed cups
Cups need to be breathable & made from natural fabric like cotton. Seams passing over nipple can cause irritation. So it’s better to opt out for seamless styles.

Most importantly a nursing/feeding bra should have detachable flaps that are easy to open and close with one hand while you are handling your little one in the other.

Also the cups should have slightly absorbent linings to handle mild secretions.


  • Availing a bigger sized bra for pregnancy would definitely not suffice. Why not avail a much more comfortable and versatile ‘Maternity Bra’!
  • Your size will change more often during pregnancy than any other time so plan to order new bras every 2 months or as and when the old one starts to feel tight or loose.
  • A good many women believe in planning ahead & buy nursing bras in the last trimester. They should check for its tightest-fitting option so that the breasts are spared more room once they start lactating.
  • For sound health & good hygiene, get at least two or three bras for yourself & make sure to wash them after each use.
  • Frequent errands to lingerie store shouldn’t be surprising if you desire a hassle-free happy pregnancy and nursing time. Before every fresh purchase, measure yourself around.
  • Slightly absorbent linings and lightly padded can handle mild secretions. However, use of nursing pads inside a bra is recommended on your trips out of home or when you start work. This could easily thwart potential embarrassing situations.

So you have got your baby the cutest clothes and toys that are there to be had. But don’t forget to pamper yourself too and pick a nursing bra in soft pastels, pretty prints so that the whole breastfeeding experience is a happy one.

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