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Lingerie Hacks: Tips & Tricks

Lingerie Hacks

Tips & Tricks For Wardrobe Malfunction in Office

Wardrobe mishaps can be downright embarrassing, especially when you are at work.
Here are our easy tips and tricks that are super handy and convenient to avoid some of the most common office wardrobe malfunctions.
All you need for these hacks are those basic office supplies and there you go!

How to Stop Strapless Bra from Slipping Down

Have you always been afraid of wearing strapless dresses because of slipping of strapless bras? Here is a quick bra hack for strapless bras to make sure it stays right at its place. Now, wear all those strapless dresses with ease using our genius strapless bra hack.

Ultimate Hack to Stack Panties

Has your panty wardrobe always been unorganized? It’s time you opt for this easy-peasy panty stacking hack.

No More Strap Rashes

Summers & Strap Rashes, the struggle is real. Well, we are here to your rescue as we have an awesome bra hack for strap rashes in store for you. Here’s a cool makeup sponge summer hack for bra straps to keep the rashes at bay.

Say Goodbye to Visible Bra Band

Looking for a quick bra hack for visible bra band? With our easy bra hack for backless dresses, you can be assured that your bra strap won’t play peek-a-boo underneath your outfits. So, what are you waiting for? Rock ’em all your backless dresses!

Hide Visible Cleavage

Tired of adjusting your top because argh.. visible cleavage? Well, this bra hack for cleavage got you covered. Now, move around comfortably with our easy cleavage hack that simply requires a piece of fabric. Try this bra hack and let us know how you like it in the comments below.


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