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Learn the Subtle Art of Step by Step Deconstructing a Bra


What is a bra and why it is important in a girl’s life? This was probably a question that we asked ourselves as a teenager. But, as we grew up we compromised with society’s definition of it. But, just as every bra is meant to fit a different woman, its meaning should also be true to you as an individual. Here’s Clovia’s interpretation of what a bra means and how you can choose the perfect one for yourself! Ever heard of deconstructing a bra. No? Let’s do it  now.

Well-fitted bra

Why is finding the right bra important?

Finding the right bra is like finding your soul mate! A lot of women struggle with their bras just because they wear a wrong size and fit. In fact most women aren’t even aware of the correct bra size and type for their shape or in short how to choose the right bra!

It is high time that we decode this mysterious garment so that you know your bra better and can find the fit and style that suits you best. Just in case you are thinking that we’ll give you a boring, bulky manual, you are mistaken. We have a fun way of introducing you to the bra-o-logy by simply deconstructing a bra and telling you the elements that go into it.

What is Brassiere?

A brassiere, commonly called a bra is a woman’s undergarment created to support her breasts. Bras are classically form-fitting and do a lot more than just supporting. With time, bras have evolved from being just functional garments that provide support to statement fashion pieces and we at Clovia wholeheartedly believe in the stylish aspect of these delicate things. We offer you bras that are not just well fitted to provide the right kind of support but are also beautiful and leave you feeling happy, sexy and comfortable all day long.

Do You Know The Key Fit Areas Of A Bra?

Here are 4 key fit areas that are discovered post deconstructing a bra –


The underband of the bra is the area that hugs your bust line. The underband should be horizontal across your back and never arch upwards. It should be snug enough to slide two fingers underneath it easily.
A bra is wrong for you if:

  1. The band rides upwards on the back.
  2. Your shoulders ache which means that underband is loose and not providing enough support.


Underwire is a thin wire strip that is sewn into the bra at the base of the cups. It provides additional support and rigidity to the bra. For those who prefer underwired bras, it is essential to find the right fit. The wire at the front should sit flat at your breastbone.
A bra is wrong for you if:

  1. The underwires are lifting away from the breastbone.
  2. The underwires are digging into your body.



Right cup fit underlines the fact as to why bra is important for you. Cups are referred to the moulded front parts of a bra that provide support to the breasts, these can either be padded or non-padded. For a perfectly fitting bra, finding the perfect cup size is very important.
A bra is wrong for you if:

  1. Breasts are spilling over from the top or from sides
  2. The fabric or padded cup is loose over the breast


While looking for an answer to how to find the right bra, neglecting straps is not an option. Straps refer to the elastic bands that run over the shoulders from front to back providing support and hold. The bra straps are adjustable. They should neither be too tight nor falling off the shoulders.  When the straps are dropped, the bra must stay in its place.

A bra is wrong for you if:

  1. Straps are digging into your shoulders or falling off them
  2. If adjusting the straps doesn’t help, you may need to go one size down on the underband size.


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