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Know the Difference between Maternity Bra and Normal Bra

Know the Difference between Maternity Bra and Normal Bra

Do I need a new bra during pregnancy?

Most likely! Like the rest of your body, your breasts are changing too, becoming bigger and more sensitive to the touch. With the weight gain, an expanding rib cage, and, later in pregnancy, mammary glands that are preparing to make milk for your baby.

One common thing for mothers to do is to make sacrifices on their own needs. Yes, we all do it! One example is trying to get through pregnancy not buying any new bras instead of continuing to squeeze ballooned breasts into regular bras. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap.

While it may be tempting to make do with the bras you have (think of the savings!), it’s best to invest in a few good bras. Your growing breasts are heavier – the developing glandular tissues can add on a few ounces per breast, at least – and you deserve some comfy support. ! Invest in some great quality maternity bras. Your breasts will thank you.

What is a nursing/maternity bra?

This is a specifically designed bra to comfortably support your growing breasts during pregnancy and to feed your baby post pregnancy. A nursing bra provides clips, clasps, zips, panels or buttons to provide access to your breast to enable you to feed your baby without having to remove your arm from the straps.

What to look for in a maternity bra?

  1. A great, supportive fit
  2. Wire-free or flexible wire bra
  3. Cotton lining
  4. Supportive straps
  5. Power fabric back for extra support
  6. One-handed fuss-free maternity clips with a convenient opening for feeding purpose
  7. Extended back adjusters to allow for your changing body shape

Maternity/Pregnancy bras are specifically designed to prevent these problems and deliver maximum comfort and support to mothers-to-be. True, the best pregnancy bra is going to cost more than your everyday fashion bra, but the increased comfort during pregnancy—which can already be a pretty uncomfortable time—is well worth it. Comfort is Key!

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