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It’s a BRIEF History!



Panties were prevalent back then for helping women in countless ways and keeping them healthy with sanitization.

One traditionally usage of panty was to cover the thighs. Women back then used to ride horses and if they happen to fell off a horse, it was considered obscene. According to the women of this era, these drawers also protect them against adventurous young men and their mischievous desires.
During the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 1949, tennis player “Gertrude Moran” took to the court wearing a short tennis dress that revealed a pair of ruffled lace-trimmed knickers. This apparel made headlines around the world as a “very daring fashion statement”. One of the seminal panty moments saw the gorgeous and eminent Marilyn Monroe revealing her underpants when a draft from a subway grating blew up her skirt in the film The Seven Year Itch (1955).

Bra & Brief Sets

The stylish 1960s saw the invention of matching bra and brief sets, disposable paper panties, and of course the famous bikini brief. Now this tells us that panties actually have a lot of scope for fashionable innovations.


In the sexier era of 1990s, a new fashion for thong underwear became popular. Considered to be the sexiest form of all panties, thong stays at the top of sexy panty list. The underfashion has gone through a lot of transformation with introducing different styles of panties like boyshorts, hipsters, period panties and many more.

High Waist Style

By the bold and sexy 1990s the connotation of panties had completely transformed. Earlier they had to be concealed at all costs, but in this decade it became fashionable to wear big waist high pants under the transparent outerwear designs of the famous Gianni Versace or Dolce & Gabbana.

And the era we live in is the sexiest one. Here innerwear is the new outerwear. Underwear makes fashion statements. Celebs love to flaunt their curves in sensual bikinis, hot thongs, perky boy shorts, playful hipsters and much more. We just love to live sexy!


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