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Exercising Under Self-Lockdown: A Few Tips on Remaining Active at Home


To stay healthy and fit at this time, doctors are advising us to exercise at home. Exercising can help in taking care of your health and wellbeing and keep you as active and fit as possible. While self-isolation measures are important, our bodies and minds still need exercise to function properly and prevent weight gain. So keep the spirits up with these few tips during these challenging times.


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Plank Challenge

Thinking about what exercises to do? Want to exercise but don’t have enough time in between online classes? Look no further than social media. Currently, Instagram is all about #HomeWorkouts. From our favorite sports stars to personal trainers, there are so many to pick from. These workouts are mainly sharp and short workouts and cater to a huge variety of fitness levels: from entry to hard cardio workouts.


Household chores are a part of exercise too:

Household chores are a part of exercise too

Yes, you heard it, right sweetie! Household chores like gardening, sweeping, cleaning windows and a lot more can actually burn so many calories. 

Cleaning the windows? 200 calories in 30 minutes.

Gardening? Up to 250 calories for 30 minutes.

Sweeping the whole house can be the equivalent of a 3-mile run!


TV Workouts:

TV Workout

Pay attention to some good old-fashioned workouts in front of your TV. The exercise-led classes in front of that huge box are still a thing sweetie. Amazon Prime has heaps of workout plans to choose from. From old-school fit routines to Zumba or yoga, there are many to choose from. So not only entertainment but you can even stay fit and healthy at home.




In these modern times, of course, there is an app to stay fit and healthy. There are so many apps to choose from that will keep you healthy and inspired every day. Something as simple as the, 30 days fitness these apps have loads of instructor-led classes. From stretching to powerful Hiit workouts these apps have it all. If you want to level up, you can even join live classes and see your efforts on a live leaderboard.


Spend time with kids and pets:

No lie playing with kids and pets can burn all your extra calories without any hassle. They make you run, jump, and whatnot! Spending more time with them increases the bond and even burns calories! So that’s a bonus, right?




There is nothing peaceful and quite like breathing fresh air and, if we have any chance, we should get outside. If you are new to running, try a brisk walk and jog for 5 minutes on and off. Build up slowly. Try to walk in your corridors or on your terrace rather than going to public parks or grounds.


These tips can surely make you fit and healthy. Remember one thing sweetie staying physically and mentally is very important and it’s even more important particularly at this point in time. So stay fit and healthy!



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