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8 Best ‘Treat Yourself’ Gifts

8 Best ‘Treat Yourself’ Gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? I am sure we all get excited and overwhelmed when we receive gifts from our loved ones, don’t we? But have you ever considered gifting yourself? Don’t you think, after all the hustle and bustle going in your life a little self-love is needed? We could always choose to be responsible with our money and save it, but sometimes it just feels good to treat yourself with love.

Well, you must have a lot of ideas in your mind to what to gift your loves ones, but have you ever passed through a store and found a cute handbag, but never really thought of buying it. Do it now ladies! This is a gentle reminder for all those beautiful souls who always wanted to feel loved.

You deserve a gift, So we have got some amazing gift ideas for you to show some love, not to others but to yourself. To quote Mia from Love Actually, “ I don’t want something I need, I want something that I want”.

1. Weighted Blanket

Weighted BlanketWell, we all deserve soothing and peaceful sleep and that’s why a weighted blanket is the best gift you can give to yourself. Don’t you think, you owe your body all the tools it needs to sleep more soundly with a soothing weighted blanket? It’ll definitely give you the feeling of being held to help keep anxious feelings at bay. Also, it’s like the perfect sleep date you can ever have with yourself.

2. Scented Candles

Scented CandlesAren’t we all a fan of candles? They give a delightful view to any place, they are placed in. What else can be more amazing, if these candles are added a little scent every time you lit them. Well, these candles can actually lift your mood, create a peaceful environment wherever you place them.

3. Cosy slippers

Cosy slippersIt wouldn’t be surprising if I say that a lot of people actually love to wear fluffy slippers. It feels so soothing and comforting than anything in the world. These slippers will tend to tired toes with a soothing, warming feel that’ll instantly melt away all of your stress. These are just those amazing cute gifts you would wanna give yourself, trust me you are gonna love yourself for doing this.

4. Cute Pyjamas

Cute PyjamasA fluffy blanket, a pair of cosy slippers, scented candles, something major is missing, right? Yes, that’s a comfy pair of pyjamas to slip into after a day long’s work. All-day in my Pj is something that we all desire, but what about some plush, premium satin pyjamas to make you feel good. We are talking about Clovia’s luxurious nightwear collection crafted with butter-soft satin fabric. You deserve it girl!

5. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid CameraPictures are just a reminder for the memories you cherished, but a printed picture has a lot more spark than the ones you save them in your mobile isn’t it? Frankly, a printed camera is something which we all should have in this virtual world. It’s something that reminds us of our old times when we all used to preserve our precious memories in one printed photograph. I guess, this is one of the best gifts you can have for yourself, it will further turn out to be the best memories you are going to cherish.

6. Personalised Pendant

Personalised PendantDo you know what goes best with your dashing outfit? A pendant or a chain with your personalised name or a stone. We all are a little self-obsessed when it comes to looking great, and wearing a personalised pendant would be a great way to show some love for yourself. A name of a person whom you adore or maybe your zodiac sign would work well on whatever outfit wear. It actually defines your self-love and more importantly, it embraces your self-confidence.

7. Skincare Set

Skincare SetSometimes you just have to stay in for a Friday night, and treat yourself to some self-care. Cue the Netflix, wine and most importantly skincare! Yes, we are so busy with our lives, we actually forget to take care of ourselves and our skin. I personally feel the best gift for you to give yourself is the care you show to your skin. What could be the best way to treat yourself with love than to actually nourish your skin? After all who doesn’t wish to have a glowing skin isn’t it?

8. Armchair

ArmchairIs it only me or even you have a special chair at your home which is only yours and you don’t let anyone sit on it? If you have one great, but if you don’t then you should totally get an armchair for yourself. You can make it your only favourite belonging, and use it for yourself, it might make you feel a little childish but it’s worth it don’t you think? Remember Sheldon’s spot!



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