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The Benefits of Cycling-Specific Clothing

We all have regular activewear in our closets. And we use this activewear for almost every kind of physical activity. Cycling is an active sport and you can just wear your regular activewear for cycling, right? The answer is NO. Certain activewear won’t provide ample support and this can lead to severe problems. Cycling clothes have specific features that keep you comfortable, more efficient, and more protected while riding your bike. Good cycling apparel will keep you dry, cool and comfortable no matter how long you ride, or how hot the climate is. Also, it will protect you from dangerous ultraviolet radiation (UV rays). 

Check out our list of benefits one can get by using these cycling-specific apparel.

  • Quick dry technology:

Cyclic-specific clothing is crafted from special fabric that wicks sweat away from your skin quickly and keeps you dry and cool throughout your ride. When you wear a t-shirt that is made of cotton the shirt soaks the sweat and keeps you wet, cold and uncomfortable. Cycling-specific clothes are made from fabrics that can absorb your sweat quickly. Cycling-specific clothing gives you a comfortable experience throughout the ride.

  • Eases the movement:

Cycling-specific clothes move with you as you ride. So, it is important to wear cycling shorts that are made from Lycra or spandex fabric because this fabric has enough built-in stretch features that it doesn’t ride up and chafe. 

  • Gives protection from sun rays

When you are out on a bike, you are exposed to all of the elements. One of the dangerous elements is the sun. You might think that your skin is covered completely and that the sun is being blocked. But guys this is not how it works! Your activewear is designed to be lightweight and breathable. Hence it is crafted with tiny holes and gaps for breathability. So if you wear your regular activewear UV rays can travel through these holes and in the worst-case scenario, you can actually get a sunburn. Cycling-Specific apparel is designed to block these harmful UV rays. Hence it is important to wear these clothes when you are out on a bike. 

  • Additional pockets for storing:

Ever carried keys, your wallet, or your phone with you on a ride? Things jammed in your pockets and pedalling a bike won’t go well right? Not anymore. Cycling-specific clothes usually have pockets placed on the lower back. This allows them to be accessible while on the bike but in a place that won’t cause any trouble. 

There you have everything now. The right cycling clothes will help you to be more efficient and comfortable, regardless of what type of rider you are, ultimately making cycling more exciting and fun! Clovia has an amazing range of cycling-specific clothing at affordable prices so make sure to check them! 



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