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Eco-Friendly & Pocket-Friendly Wedding Planning

Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning

Everyone wants their D-day to be grand and memorable for years. This makes weddings unnecessarily expensive and at the same time wedding functions aren’t very eco-friendly. However, times are changing, and the Eco-friendly wedding trend is on the rise and still has a long way to go. 

Recently a Yulu baraat in Bengaluru has garnered much love across the country. People loved the groom’s effort to create less traffic and pollution while it was more economical. This Yulu baraat gave all Indians a major goal to follow. You know you can plan your entire wedding more eco-friendly and economical. I will tell you how. If you are also getting married soon and want to reduce the carbon footprint of weddings follow along.

Wear Family Heirlooms

You know you can save a lot of money by wearing your family heirlooms and it will have very little carbon footprints. Instead of purchasing outfits for different wedding events, you can upcycle your mom’s and grandma’s wedding costumes. 

One of the best tricks that I have learned over the years is that I will upcycle all my ethnic wear which I have purchased for my friend’s or cousin’s wedding. 

  • I will change the dupatta and blouse of my old lehenga and create a new set for the Haldi function. Instead of spending thousands on a new lehenga or saree, I will spend a minimum amount. 
  • For the cocktail outfit, I will use my sequence saree and get a new outfit made of it. I will again save huge amounts of money by not purchasing all new outfits which would cost a minimum between 10-20K. 

Hence, in two events I might save around 30-35K easily. Also, a very minimal carbon footprint will happen. 

wear family heirlooms

Doing Wedding Events in Daylight

Planning haldi, Mehandi and sangeet functions in the daytime outdoors saves electricity. It will be eco-friendly and economical. 

You can plan your wedding at night, and the rest of the events can be planned in the daylight. 

wedding events in daylight

E-Invitation Instead of Printed Invitation

Save paper, save the planet. Wedding cards only get piled up in the corner, people don’t even consider recycling them.

Instead of using a conventional wedding card, go for an e-invitation. 

  1. Doodle Wedding Invite: Get a doodle invitation created with an illustrator, it won’t cost more than 2-3K and send it across to everyone. You can find many doodlers on Instagram.
  2. Personalized Wedding Video Invite: Both bride and groom can record a video invitation with their families and send it to their guests. It won’t cost a penny but would look absolutely amazing.

Going forward people are going to send only personalized recorded invitations only.

However, India loves traditional wedding cards, you can get some cards printed for the guests who still firmly believe in printed invitations.

e invites

Reduce & Manage Food Wastage

At every wedding, some food gets wasted. Because it’s impossible to know the exact amount, how on earth can someone do that? But you can utilize the excess food by giving it to the needy. Many people do this. Once the wedding function is over and every guest relishes the food, the leftovers are distributed among the needy. 

The deed is equally good and fulfilling, on the one hand, you are reducing food waste on the other hand seeking blessings. 

Recycle Wedding Decor

Once all the events are over, it’s time to gather the natural flowers and leaves used in decoration. Send this to a nearby compost factory, natural things should go back into nature.

Keep The Problematic Relatives Out of Your Guest List

I swear, this is the only thing that will make your wedding eco-friendly, pocket-friendly and actually fun-filled. Not only will you stay sane throughout your wedding as well but it will save a lot of money as well.

That’s All

I believe that with all these tips and tricks you will be able to plan an eco-friendly as well as pocket-friendly wedding. Also, my plans are very much doable and you won’t have to compromise on your desires. So whenever you plan your wedding incorporating my plans do give me a shoutout. 

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