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2024 Wellness: Japanese techniques to improve your lifestyle

2024 Wellness

As we enter into the new year, here are some famous Japanese techniques to live by for mind and body wellness.

Hara Hachi Bu – Stop eating, when you’re 80% full. Eating too much brings lethargy to your mind and body.
Ikigai – Having a purpose in life. Finding a meaning in life and wholeheartedly dedicating yourself to your personal happiness.
Wabi Sabi – This technique encourages one to find beauty in imperfection and simplicity.
Shinrin-Yoku – Shinrin means Forest and Yoku means Bath, it means that one should come in contact and take in the atmosphere of mother nature
Kaizen – Means focusing on small improvements everyday. Trying to become 1% better everyday, can take you a long way.

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