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Tankini : Want to slay in that pool party but not comfortable with too much skin show? Give tankini swimsuits a try! With ample coverage, they let you flaunt that fabulous beach baby look while keeping it cool and comfortable at the same time. They also make an amazing pick if you want to keep yourself prote ... Read more


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Make a Splash With Figure Flattering Tankini

A beach vacation or a pool party isn’t complete if you don’t have the best swimwear to compliment the occasion. It sets your mood right, boosts your confidence and fits like a second skin, so you can slay on the beach and make some waves in style. That said, let’s have a look at one of the most flattering swimwear styles – tankini swimsuits.

Let’s agree, we know of fewer women who have that washboard abs to flaunt under skin baring swimwear styles. For the rest of us, a tankini comes to the rescue.

What is a Tankini?

It is a two-piece swimwear style that consists of a tank top and swimwear bottoms that could be either a bikini style, hipster style or even a boyleg. This swimsuit works best for women who have a slight tummy pouch. The long length of the swimwear top smartly conceals the tummy area and gives a flattering look. At the same time, the leg baring style draws attention to your legs and not your problem area.

Types of Tankini

1. Skirt style: Fond of skirts? You’ll love this style. The skirt is usually in flared style and perfectly draws the attention to your butt in the most gorgeous manner.

2. Boyshorts style: Super sexy and stylish! The boyshorts give adequate coverage to your butt while flattering your figure at the same time. You get the best of both worlds- comfort & fashion.

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping Tankini for Women

1. Fabric - Make sure you pick fabrics like polyester and polyamide. These fabrics hold the colour and are resistant to chlorine.

2. Prints - If you’re on the heavier side with a bigger bust and bulging tummy, picking smaller prints can give you an illusion of a more toned upper body. And if you’re comparatively slimmer with a narrow shoulder and a smaller bust size but a protruding tummy, go for bigger prints to create a balance.

3. Matching Bottom - Pay close attention to what type of bottom you pick to match your tankini top. If you are broader on the waist and hip, you could opt for a more modest style – a hipster or a boyleg. If you’re leaner on your bottom area then you can try a V-cut bikini style.

So, ladies, what are you waiting for? It’s time to keep your style game on point with a tankini. Find them in a variety of colours, styles, and prints to suit yourself!


Q1. Is tankini suitable for swimming?
A1. Since it is a swimwear style, you absolutely can swim in a tankini. However, if you’re a professional sports person, bodysuit style swimwear may be a better fit for you.

Q2. What is the difference between a bikini and a tankini?
A2. A bikini is a more skin baring swimwear style where the top covers just breasts and the bottom is usually a cheeky style with medium rare coverage. A tankini swimsuit provides much more coverage on the top when compared to a bikini. It has a tank top like style that extends till the waistline and hides the tummy.

Q3. What is the difference between a tankini and a monokini?
A3. A monokini is a one piece swimsuit that usually has a V-cut shape and a tankini is a two-piece set that has a tank style top and a pair of swimwear bottoms to match.

Q4. How tight should a tankini be?
A4. A tankini usually has a very relaxed fit and is not too tight on the torso. You should avoid picking very loose-fitting tankinis because while swimming it might float up unless it has an elasticated underbust for support.