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Shampoos/Conditioners : Cannot get rid of hair fall? Are you worried? Relax sweetie! Take a deep breath and check out this exclusive launch of Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo. Bid adieu to hair loss problems and say hello to beautiful hair!


Buy Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Online

The modern times calls for a fast-paced lifestyle where stress and unhealthy habits are a part and parcel of every human being. The result - a deterioration of health and the more prominent ones being a receding hairline and incessant hair fall. Well, we can’t reduce your level of stress but we at Clovia Botaniqa can surely help you avoid having a clogged drain full of hair and save you from the nightmare of getting a handful of hair on your hairbrush everytime you comb. The answer lies in Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo, which can control your hair fall and is the perfect solution to hair loss.

Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo will definitely take care of your hair loss worries. No matter how bad your hair condition is, Clovia always has solutions. Lay back and add this amazing shampoo to your cart and get thick, lustrous hair.

Reasons to choose a Natural Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Hormonal changes and health conditions

Male pattern baldness is a common issue that makes men anxious and they are on the lookout for a hair fall control shampoo. During pregnancy, women experience a drop in the oestrogen level that results in hair thinning and hair fall. Several health conditions like diabetes, high blood and cholesterol also result in hair fall. These problems can be controlled to an extent with the right hair fall control shampoo.

Hair styling

Men and women often resort to the latest hair styling trends to keep themselves high on the fashion game. During these processes, the hair strands undergo a lot of pull which ultimately results in hair fall and hair breakage. Also, heat from the hair styling devices can permanently damage your hair. So, to keep it protected, you need a nourishing hair fall control shampoo that can take care of your tresses.

Factors to consider before buying a hair fall shampoo

Your Hair type

The easiest way to find the right shampoo is to check out words on the label that match your hair type, such as oily, dry, frizzy or fine.

Ingredient list

Check out shampoos which have natural ingredients. Because shampoos that are made of natural ingredients cause no side effects and make your hair healthy. Avoid sulfates, alcohols and its derivatives, propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates as they can make your hair dry and lifeless.


It is very important that you maintain a right balance of moisture on your scalp. For that, opt for a shampoo that has nourishing ingredients like natural oils, antioxidants and vitamins that can restore the moisture balance of your scalp.

pH level

Choose a shampoo that can help you maintain a proper pH balance of your scalp.

Why Choose Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo?

Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is a natural product with no harsh chemicals, toxins, paraben or sulphate. This anti hair fall shampoo is highly rich in natural ingredients like neem, tea tree oil & wheat protein to reduce hair fall and strengthen roots.

Some of the reasons why you must invest in Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo are as follows :

1. It improves hair texture and look.
2. It is made of natural ingredients and has a pH-balanced formula.
3. It controls hair fall and promotes regrowth.
4. It is naturally moisturizing.
5. It has no side effects and is very safe to use.

How does Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo work?

Following are some of the benefits of Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo:

1. It controls breakage and frizz.
2. Protects your hair from pollution.
3. Reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth.
4. Cleans the scalp and gives a fresh feeling.
5. Prevents split ends.

Key Ingredients:

Wheat Protein
Encourages blood circulation in the scalp and prevents hair fall. Retains natural moisture and reduces frizz.

Rosemary Extract
Repair damaged nerves in the scalp.

Promotes regrowth and controls hair fall. Helps in detoxifying the scalp and adds shine to rough and frizzy hair.

Lavender Extract
Improves hair growth and treats scalp infection and soothes inflammation.

Peppermint Extract
Reduces hair loss and gives a fresh feeling all day long.

Jojoba Oil
Enhances brittle and damaged hair. Prevents split ends and controls frizz.

Tea Tree Oil
Unclogs the pores and gently cleanses the scalp and gives a fresh feeling. It also boosts hair growth.

How to Use Hair Fall Control Shampoo?

Step 1: Apply a small quantity of Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo on wet hair.
Step 2: Massage and rinse with water thoroughly.
Step 3: Repeat if required.


Excessive hair fall definitely needs urgent attention. But, don’t resort to a chemical based product in anxiety and haste, rather choose a herbal hair care product. When you have an ayurvedic shampoo like Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo that is enriched with natural ingredients to fight hair fall, you can bid adieu to all your hair and scalp problems and get thick, voluminous and lustrous hair.


Q.1. Can I use Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo with my regular anti-hair fall shampoo?
A.1. Not all shampoos have the same ingredients. We highly recommend you to use Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo separately.

Q.2. How will Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo control hair fall?
A.2. Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair fall Shampoo is made up of natural ingredients. It contains jojoba oil and neem that nourishes damaged hair and reduces hair fall. It contains enriched lavender extract that encourages blood circulation and promotes hair growth and controls hair fall.

Q.3. Can it be used on hair that’s colored or chemically treated?
A.3. Yes, totally. You can use Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo on coloured hair as well, it's completely safe to use on any hair type as it’s made up of natural ingredients.

Q.4. Does it have chemicals or synthetic fragrances?
A.4. Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is made out of natural ingredients like tea tree oil, neem, lavender extracts, and wheat protein. It has no chemicals, sulphates, parabens, or synthetic fragrances.

Q.5. Is Clovia Botaniqa Anti Hair Fall Shampoo just for moms?
A.5. As this is completely natural, it’s super safe to use irrespective of age and gender. Anyone who wants to repair her/his hair damage can use this shampoo as it controls hair fall and strengthens roots.

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