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Skin-Hair : Nothing can make a woman as happy as giving birth to a child and at the same time, while you are caring for your child, even you need a self-pamper. Browse through these amazing and useful pre-natal as well as post-pregnancy collections that every new mom must have in her kit.


Prenatal Care

There is nothing that can beat the excitement of becoming a mother but there are certain things to look out for, during pregnancy:

Common Pregnancy problems and solutions

1. Vaginal discharge: It is the first visual sign of pregnancy and is considered as quite normal. There is nothing to worry when the discharge is thin, white, and milky, for which you can use panty liners. 

2. Leg cramps: The compression of the blood vessels in the legs may cause leg cramps during pregnancy, for which stretching and cold compress can prove to be useful. 

3. Skin changes: Acne, skin darkening, and dark circles under the eyes are some common problems faced during pregnancy due to the changes in the hormones. Modify your skincare routine and use specialised products that are exclusively made for expecting & new moms. 

Post Pregnancy Care

How to care for yourself and your baby after pregnancy?

Your body has endured a lot in the last nine months and now you have been gifted with a wonderful living miracle. We understand that your world now revolves around your baby, but in the process don’t forget that you have earned the title of a “NEW MOM” and along with taking care of your baby, self-care is important too. 

Problems and solutions:

1. Stretch marks: Stretch marks are caused by the changes in the elasticity of the supportive tissues that lie below the skin. Using the right ointment made for moms will help in lightening these scars. 

2. Itchy and leaky nipples: Now that you are lactating, itchy nipples will be quite common and for that, you can use nipple cream and body butter after shower. Also, breast pads will come to the rescue for those leapy nipples. 

3. Hairfall: Due to the immense hormonal changes that the body has gone through during pregnancy, many women experience issues of hair loss and hair fall after pregnancy. You can use Clovia’s newly launched range of hair care products for new moms that will help you get rid of hair woes. 

4. Acne, scars, and blemishes: During pregnancy, the body goes through many changes, experiencing acne during the first and the second trimesters being one of them. Scars, blemishes, and dark spots on the breasts, nipples, and inner thighs occur during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Brose through Clovia;s newly launched maternity care collection and use such a cream and ointment that can reduce these scars and blemishes. 

5. Sagging breasts: During the lactating periods, the new moms often face the problem of sagging breasts. They can use a breast firming oil to tighten, lift, and enhance the breast naturally. 

The journey from conceiving to giving birth is a wonderful process and we are here with you by your side in this miraculous journey!

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