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Pantyliner : Whether you're experiencing regular discharge or light spotting, a panty liner can do heaps of benefits to your intimate area. Essentially smaller and slimmer than a pad, a pantyliner helps keep your intimate hygiene in check. It keeps you fresh and dry down there during non-period days when you nee ... Read more


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Say Bye Bye to Wetness with Pantyliners

Vaginal discharge is absolutely normal, but if you don’t like it wet down there, you should probably start using panty liners. For those of you wondering what a panty liner, it is basically like a sanitary pad, only slimmer and shorter in length. It is ideal for those non-period days when you don’t want that moist feeling lingering in your underwear. It gives you a fresh aura, so you can feel dry & comfy around the clock. Let’s delve deeper into what it offers below.

Benefits of Panty Liners

1. Daily freshness: Like we mentioned above, regular discharge is quite common, but wearing a panty liner provides freshness for it absorbs the discharge. This avoids the build up of moisture, keeping it dry down there.

2. Ideal for light flow days: When your heavy flow days are over, you don’t really feel like wearing those bulky pads for the menstruation essentially stops and only a little spotting is left. Here, a panty liner does the trick. It not only provides protection, but also keeps you comfy as it’s super slim. You won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything at all.

3. Keeps panties clean: This goes without saying. You don’t want to ruin your pretty underwear due to the wetness, right? Use a panty liner and increase the longevity of your sassy undies.

Features of Gal Pal Panty Liners

1. Size: All our panty liners are 155 mm long & 59mm long in order to provide adequate coverage to your vagina whilst keeping them small at the same time.

2. Shape: They are designed to fit your panty crotch perfectly, so you don’t itch or twitch and feel any sort of discomfort.

3. Cotton top sheet: If you’re prone to rashes, you’re going to love our panty liners since their top sheet is crafted with soft & breathable cotton fabric that doesn’t irritate your skin.

Steps to Use a Panty Liner

1. Remove the backing paper.
2. Place the panty liner on the gusset of the panty.
3. Press firmly to avoid movement.

Difference Between a Pad and a Panty Liner

Pantyliners are very similar to pads, but they are slimmer and shorter than them. Whilst pads are only designed for period days, pantyliners are designed for non-period days to absorb regular discharge. They are also suitable for light flow or slight spotting where high absorbability of a pad is not required.

Now that you’re well versed with panty liners, it’s time to shop them today and take care of your intimate area.


Q1. Is it good to use pantyliners everyday?
A1. Yes, they are specially crafted for everyday use to absorb regular discharge, keeping your dry and fresh all day long.

Q2. Are pantyliners safe?
A2. Yes, as long as you’re choosing the right pantyliner, you fall in the safe zone. It should be made of soft cotton and have breathability for utmost comfort and hygiene.

Q3. How often should you change pantyliners?
A3. There’s no right or wrong to it. As soon as you feel it is getting moist, it’s time to switch to a new panty liner. However, if you feel fresh all day long, we still recommend you to change it at least once for hygiene.