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Thong / G Strings Panties

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Thong : Whether you want something sexy or functional that eliminates visible panty lines, thong is the perfect choice. It offers modest coverage at the front but no rear coverage. We have all kinds of thongs as well as G-strings in pretty colours and fabrics to keep your underfashion sorted. Women's thongs ... Read more


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Keep Your Style and Comfort in Order with Women’s Thongs & G-strings

Thongs & G-strings have become increasingly popular with time for a majority of reasons. Not only are they incredibly sexy with no rear coverage, but also super comfortable, especially when worn under certain outfits, such as tight jeans, yoga pants, or a bodycon dress. However, if you’re not sure and fickle minded about wearing them, we have got tons of reasons that are sure to convince you to wear them more often.

1. No visible panty lines: There is no denying that visible panty lines can degrade the overall appearance of your outfit, no matter how sexy it is. Thongs for women are a saviour here if you want to say goodbye to this problem altogether as these panties literally go invisible underneath your clothing.

2. High level of comfort: Some girls refrain from wearing a G-string or thong panty because they feel that they are highly uncomfortable, however, in actual, it’s the opposite. They have almost no fabric at the back, which provides you high level of comfort throughout the day.

3. Sexy appearance: G-strings are probably the sexiest panties of all that have incredible power of elevating your look. Not only do they make you look beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside, boosting your confidence level.

4. No clinging: One of the greatest advantages of wearing thong underwear is that it doesn’t ride or cling up. It is that one style of panty that remains static, so you can be at ease without being afraid of those panty woes.

5. Natural shape: Since thongs for women offer no rear coverage, they give your butt a more natural shape unlike other panty styles. If you want to embrace your body the way it is, girls thongs are a total win-win.

6. Variety: Last but not the least, you have tons of options when it comes to shopping thongs for women. From comfy cotton to exquisite lace fabric, there is a wide range of styles to choose from, so you have something for every outfit and mood.

Buy Thongs & G-String at Clovia

Clovia offers a wide range of varieties in thongs such as G-string panties, lace thongs, sexy thongs, cage-style thong panties, transparent panties and bridal panties. You can choose from solid colors to fancy & cute prints. Each thong is crafted in quality cotton, polyamide and lace fabric. Stylish low waist thongs are a must-have for special occasions.

After going through the reasons mentioned above, there’s a good chance that you might want to switch to thong panties & sexy G-strings. Plus, guess what? We have got newest styles for you to stock up from. Our panties are not only comfortable, but also easy to maintain. So, wait no more and get sassy with our womens thongs collection. And if you still need to know more about thongs, keep reading more as we attempt to answer some of your doubts.


Q1. What is the purpose of a thong?
A1. Like mentioned above, the main purpose of a thong is to eliminate visible panty lines. Likewise, if you’re in hunt of something sexy, a G-string is the ideal panty to spice things up.

Q2. What's the difference between a G strings and thong?
A2. G-string is a type of thong. It is basically a triangular piece of fabric with a string. On the other hand, a thong offers a little more coverage at the front and has a broader piece of fabric at the back. However, both offer almost no rear coverage.

Q3. Is a thong or G-string comfortable?
A3. Super comfortable. The no fabric at the back gives you utmost flexibility & breathability to keep you at ease all day long.

Q4. What is the difference between Panties and G strings?
A4. A panty is a form of underwear worn by females. Panties are available in many styles such as bikini, boy shorts, hipsters, boyleg, thongs, G-string, and C-string.
G-String is a type of thong-style panty made in the form of a triangular patch of cloth. It covers the genitals with an elastic band or a string bridging it to the rear end. In front, a V-shape fabric covers the vagina. To the back, a string passes through the butt cheeks and is attached to the waistband. The G-string panty stripes are so thin that they are hardly noticeable from outfits. G-strings are comfy yet sexy.

Q5. What are the benefits of thong and G strings panties?
A5. The benefits of thong panties and g-strings panties are impressive comfort, and no more visible panty lines. Also, women in thongs and g string panties look super-sexy.