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Success Plan with Clovia

underfashion Consultant

  • Sale type
  • Personal sale
  • Level 1 Recruits sale
  • Level 2 Recruits sale
  • Total
  • Foreign TripsForeign Trips
  • Collect MoneyCash Rewards
  • CPP PRPromotions and Expert Training

underfashion Manager

  • Consultant Benefits of 20%
  • Extra Incentive of 4% Commission on

    Network sale of ₹40,000 and above
    including Personal sale and Level 1 & 2 sale
    Network sale of ₹50,000 & above
    if active consultants are not there

  • Extra Incentive of 3% Commission on

    Network sale of ₹30,000 upto ₹39,999
    including Personal sale and Level 1 & 2 sale

  • Extra Incentive of 1% Commission on

    Outer Network Sale beyond Level 1 & Level 2

  • Total Commission of 25%

    Personal sale of ₹1,999 & 15 consultants from
    Level 1 & 2 with minimum personal sale of ₹999 each


    2 New Recruits each month in Level 1 & 2

underfashion Manager Promote-Up Benefits

Breakaway Incentive
Eligibility - Perform at Managers level for three months
Who can? - Any one from the Level 1 & 2 and also outer network
Incentive - ₹10,000 cash reward for promoting a new manager equivalent to approximately 6 months commission
Future - The manager will be separated from the tree and become a stand alone identity
Reward - Become eligible for outer network commission and foreign trip

Qualify for a

Free Thailand Trip!

Manager Qualifier with a minimum sale of ₹7,00,000
SALE ₹7,00,000 Network Sale including Outer Network Sale
RECRUITMENT 100 New Recruits in an year
Clovia registration Clovia registration
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