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White bra online shopping

White Bras

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Printed Cotton Non-padded Bra In Purple Printed Cotton Non-padded Bra In Purple

Printed Cotton Non-padded Bra In Purple

This extremely comfortable cotton spandex bra is a modestly chic piece you will look forward to slipping into every morning. The cotton fabric of this bra is very comfortable. Floral prints are so refreshing that'll keep you spirits lifted. With zesty purple colour piping and floral prints on white base, it is surely an eye catcher.

4 Bras +1 panty @ 699
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4 Bras +1 panty @ 699

White Bra Online Shopping

Styles for White Bra

The classic white bra is one of the prized possessions for any woman. While many of us think that wearing different colours is the best way for sporting a sexy look. Don’t get me wrong, I love colours, but, believe me the charm of wearing a white coloured bra is any day more gratifying. 

However, there are many who still search for styles or clothes for wearing a white colour bra. Let’s discuss some.


The Sheer Top Wonder

Well, most of us will cringe of wearing a sheer top with a white bra. Why is my question? The whole idea of wearing white bras under a sheer top is showing it off. Why do you have to cringe from it? If you are feeling too shy then, a shrug will do wonders. But, please do not even think about wearing a camisole inside. 


The Case of the Camisole

I have seen many of my friends wearing a white net bra with a camisole on it and then a t-shirt. Well, the idea is okay: but, why hide under the extra layers of cloth. The whole purpose of wearing a bra is conserving your modesty and sporting a good posture while you stand or walk. Hiding the bra under camisole is just too passé. So, if you have to wear a camisole then, just wear that and shed the t-shirt. Or, just shed the camisole and wear the t-shirt. 


Now, that I have told you some styles, let’s talk about where to find the best white bra online: Clovia. Just login, select and checkout the stuff that you like. 

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