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Padded Bras

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Padded Bras
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Padded Bras
Padded Bras : Check out a wide range of padded bras for women. Available in styles that vary from heavy padded to light padded & push ups to underwired. Weather you want to get that perfectly smooth silhouette or want to conceal embarrassing headlight effect, Clovia's padded bras are here to rescue you.

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Buy Padded Bras Online

Padded bras for women are undoubtedly your best friend when in need of extra support and comfort during a long workday, strenuous workout or fun evening out. Padded bras are prominent for many reasons. Lightly padded bras are the best option to be worn under thin fabrics to avoid any embarrassment. The heavy padded bras can give you an extra boost of confidence when you need to fill out an outfit just right. Push up padded bras give support and added sensuality to your partywear dresses.

Padded bra online shopping is easy with Clovia, thanks to their bra fit test for accurate sizing and a wide range of designer padded bra collection with varying padding levels to suit your needs. If you are looking to buy a padded bra online, here is everything you need to know about padded bra online shopping. From basic padded bras for everyday wear to sexy padded push-up bras for added oomph, we have everything at your exhibit so that you can make a great purchase. Read this quick and easy guide on how to buy padded bras to ensure you pick the perfect fit and design to suit your need, preference and style.

What is a padded bra?

A padded bra is a bra whose cups contain padding, or pockets for padding known as bra pads. The padding or bra pads placed inside the bra cups are meant to add fullness to the bust line and boost the appearance of your bust. Padded bras or a double padded bra come with shape-enhancing inserts or feature cups with padded foam that lends additional volume to your breasts along with a smooth silhouette.

Padded bras make your breasts look larger, fuller and firmer. According to the padding, this bra can be broadly classified into the following two categories:

Types of Padded Bras Available at

Before you commit to buying a padded bra online, it is important to be well aware of what your options are. Padded bras can be broadly divided into two categories- lightly padded bras and heavy padded bras. Women with larger bust sizes usually prefer lightly padded cups to protect modesty and avoid the added bulk of heavy padding whereas women with smaller bust size prefer heavy padded bras to add volume along with a protective layer for modesty protection. Here’s everything you need to know about padded bra online shopping and what will suit you best.

1. Heavy Padded Bras

Heavy padded bras have thick pads between cups to provide additional volume to the breasts of the wearer. This bra is perfect for ladies with smaller breast size as it helps them attain a fuller and smoother silhouette. A heavy padded bra can help enhance an outfit by bringing a more curvy and voluminous shape to the breast silhouette of the wearer.

2. Lightly Padded Bras

Lightly padded bras are made to complement all breast sizes. These bra pads are modest in thickness, hence not majorly increasing the breast volume. Choose lightly padded bras for everyday wear. These are good for achieving a great shape under ethnic or western wear without making breasts look bulkier.

3. Non-wire Padded Bras

If you are looking for a padded bra online that is comfortable and supportive and find the constraints of underwire restrictive, non-wire padded bras are the perfect choice. These padded bras are bound to give you the comfort and modesty of padded bras without the discomfort some women experience while wearing a bra with underwire. Wear non-wire padded bras for formal and casual outfits. The bras in our collection are perfect to don under any type of clothing.

4. Wired Padded Bras

Wired padded bras can give you a silhouette like no other bra. Providing a gentle lift with underwired cups and a contoured bust with padded cups, this style is pretty popular amongst women of all ages. Wired padded bras keep the shape of the bust perfectly contoured as they are structured to keep the bra pads and in shape. Wired padded bras are one of the most popularly chosen lingerie product by those opting for a padded bra online shopping on

5. Padded T-Shirt Bra

Wearing a fitted or thin fabric t-shirt can often be a problem if you don’t have the right bra for it. This is exactly why the padded T-shirt bra was invented. As the name suggests, this style is ideal for fitted tops and tees. The seamless cups on the T-shirt bra ensures a rounded, seam-free look and the padding ensures modesty even under the thinnest clothing materials. Padded T-shirt bras are an ideal pick to pair with your well fitted  body hugging tees tops and dresses.

6. Padded Sports Bra

When working out, it is important that your bra is up to the task of constant movement. It needs to be super supportive but also extremely comfortable - you don’t want to feel constricted by the fit or material. A padded sports bra also benefits to keep your modesty intact and avoid embarrassment at the gym or when out for a walk or run. Besides this, a padded sports bra has another huge advantage: it makes you look great while you’re shedding those extra kilos. A good padded sports bra will aid to reduce breasts movement while in action and lower chances of breast bounce.

7. Push up Padded Bra

Got it? Flaunt it! A push-up padded bra makes you stand out. The angular padding at the bottom of the cups in a push up bra lifts your breasts tissues and accentuates your cleavage. A padded push-up bra gives an illusion of fuller and rounder breasts. Push up padded bras are perfect for a date night or a clubbing night, where you want to be your most sexiest self. They master at giving your dresses and tops a fuller look. Push up padded bras are perfect to get the most desired cleavage. The padding in a push-up bra comes in three different impact levels depending upon the amount of oomph it offers, level-1 being the most modest.

Why Should You Wear A Padded Bra?

Buying a padded bra online has a wide range of benefits - it offers you the most desired silhouette, is convenient to wear, comes in ample of styles to choose from and in many beautiful designs. In addition to this, there are plenty of other plus points that padded bra online shopping brings to you- mentioned below are the perks of wearing a padded bra.

1. Added volume

A little volume to your bust can add glam to even the most basic outfits in your wardrobe. Padded bras don’t just add volume, but they also contour your curves for a graceful and feminine look. While  the added volume come as a blessing for the small breasted girls, the girls already blessed with heavy breasts can wear lightly padded bras for a contoured figure and no embarrassing headlight effect to  rock their cocktail dresses or ethnic wear.

2. Flattering shape

A non-padded bra, no matter how gorgeous or comfy it is, cannot enhance the shape of your silhouette. On the other hand, the firm exteriors of a padded bra offer the most desired silhouette for smooth and sensual curves.

3. No nipple show

We all know the discomfort of nipple show – untimely, unwanted and embarrassing. But with padded bras, you no longer have to worry about cold rooms or unplanned activity affecting your decorum. The bra pads or foam in the cups of padded bras acts as a great concealer - a firm but comfortable layer between your skin and outerwear to protect you from any embarrassing nipple show.

4. In-place breasts

Do your breasts jiggle and wiggle a lot when you are walking or moving about? Worry not, this is natural - breasts are soft tissue and are prone to movement as your body moves. Padded bras provide additional support and sturdiness to your breasts, holding them firmly in place to limit excess movement while still maintaining a natural shape and look. So if you are a brisk walker and would like added support to keep your breasts in place, a light or heavy padded bra is exactly what you have been looking for all this while.

5. Plush Factor

Just like you compliment a sexy, romantic or comfy mood with the right outerwear, the right look of your lingerie can also make your special moments more memorable. All the padded bras online on offer a natural shape, a wonderful fabric texture that feels soft against the skin and stylish designs that are graceful and very elegant, leaving you feeling confident, beautiful and luxurious no matter where you are.

Treat yourself and your wardrobe with some padded bra online shopping at Clovia to find that perfect pick that will help you look sexy by accentuating your natural curves. Clovia offers sizes up to 44E in bright colours as well as subtle shades. Choose from a variety of pretty and trendy prints when you buy a padded bra online, at affordable prices with tempting discounts.