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Wondering about social distancing?

Wondering about social distancing?

No man is an island, this phrase totally contradicts today’s situation. It was said that no man can survive alone, but today during this pandemic a man can only survive if he stays alone.

We all know it is hard to isolate ourselves and not meet people and not meet people for so long. Especially for those outgoing people who had weekend get-togethers as their routine.

But we need to understand the importance of social distancing. It is the ONLY way to stop the spread of this deadly pandemic called coronavirus.

What is social distancing?

What is social distancing?

Simply the idea is to maintain distance between you and the other people outside the house. Social distancing is not what the literal word suggests. In this case, more of physical distancing which means maintaining at least 6 feet distance. Let’s look at this way, you can still be socially active with the people who are quarantined with, you can still connect with your friends and family virtually through social media platforms and video calls. All you’re asked to do is minimise physical contact with people by staying home and being safe. This is the best we can do to break the chain.

Why practice social distancing?

Why pratice social distancing

COVID-19 is said to spread through contact. If you come in contact with an infected person through physical touch then you’re highly expected to get infected yourself. This infection gets spread if an infected person sneezes, coughs or talks, the droplets from their mouth or nose can land in the mouths or noses of people nearby. This virus can survive on a surface for hours and days and can be easily transmitted through touch. Social distancing is the only possible way to keep yourself safe from infected people and contaminated surfaces.

How do we practice social distancing?

As an individual, we can lower the rate of spread just by staying isolated. Do not leave the house and do not allow visitors. Since the country is already under lockdown we should avoid going out on the streets. We can plan a weekly visit to a neighbourhood store to get essential supplies rather than running errands every day. We can always work from home and organise meetings via video calls. Switch your morning walks to a home workout routine.

Does social distancing work?

Of course, it does, one good thing about this social distancing is, we have the power to break the chain of this virus spread. We are not only saving ourselves by staying home, but we are also protecting many people by not having any physical contact. From previous outbreaks like flu pandemic and Ebola outbreak, one learning is that social distancing can effectively limit the spread of infections.

Does Social distancing apply at home as well?

We can’t obviously distance ourselves from the people we live with however, it is recommended to isolate yourself at home as well. If you can’t avoid sharing a bathroom or a kitchen, but we can definitely look at sanitizing the surroundings. We can avoid sharing stuff like utensils, bedsheets, towels. This might help your family stay safe.

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