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Why wearing a face mask is important?

Why wearing a face mask is important

After the coronavirus outbreak, for the longest time people believed that masks aren’t necessary unless you are unwell or coming in contact with an infected person. But health agencies across the globe have been encouraging mask-wearing ever since. At present, the deadly coronavirus that has affected over a million people. This spread could have been controlled to a significant number only by maintaining social distance and wearing face masks.

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How Does The Virus Spread?

How Does The Virus Spread

The primary way the virus spreads is through respiratory droplets. This virus transmits from person to person by the means of physical touch or even the droplets. A cough or sneeze can send respiratory droplets six feet into the air but they are relatively heavy and fall to the ground before getting further.

But the virus can spread through aerosol transmission, a process by which respiratory droplets are turned into very small and light particles, less than 5 micrometres in diameter, that can hang in the air for longer. Aerosol transmission is not the primary mode of transmission though. When these droplets land on the surface like your hands and if that gets in contact with your eyes, nose or mouth, there are high chances of you getting affected.

How a Mask Can Prevent The Virus?

By wearing a mask, the nose and mouth region of the face is covered. This helps us to avoid respiratory droplets to reach our nostrils directly. By covering most of our face we can prevent the chances of transmission of the virus. A homemade mask can also work effectively in order to prevent this virus, but we do recommend to buy masks from a pharmacy for better protection.

Is Mask the Only way?

Is Mask The Only Solution
Well, technically a mask can only prevent us from inhaling the respiratory droplets, but the bigger preventive method is washing your hands regularly. The virus can live on any surface for hours and days and it’s crucial for us to wash our hands and not touch the face. This can prevent the virus from entering our body.



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