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What Coronavirus precautions do you really need?

What Coronavirus precautions do you really need?

The whole world is in a crisis right now. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and it feels like every move of ours could lead to a life-threatening situation. COVID-19 is a serious issue that the whole world needs to fight against together. This is a war against coronavirus that needs to be won simply by staying home and taking precautions.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing
‘United we fall, divided we stand’ is the new slogan that accurately explains the situation in the world. Social distancing plays a key role in order to prevent infection from coronavirus. Staying indoors and not going out can reduce human interaction which precisely helps in reducing the rate of the spread. Decades ago, our ancestors were asked to fight during wars and now we are asked to simply sit at home. Don’t you think isn’t this a lot easier for us to do?

Sanitize Your Surroundings

Sanitize your Surroundings
Apart from social distancing, one basic thing we can do is to keep our house clean and sanitized. Make sure we maintain hygiene all over the place we live in. If we are able to keep our surroundings hygienic, it will be favourable for us to stay healthy. Washing your hands time and again is the best ways to ensure you stay protected while you’re at home.

Ensure food safety

Ensure food safety
The type of food that we take during this pandemic is really crucial. It has been suggested not to order food from outside. The lockdown has surely reduced that to a great level. It’s better if we stick to home-cooked food.

Grocery shopping

Grocery Shopping
While everyone is under lockdown, a lot of us are out of supplies. We have to go out once at least once a week to get veggies, dairy products etc to last an entire week. You could opt for online delivery and reduce your chances of coming in contact with more than one person. Whether you’re ordering groceries online or getting from a neighbourhood store you have to sanitize everything. Simply soaking those milk packets and veggies in water and rinsing after 10 mins could ensure safety. Make sure you put on your face masks and gloves every time you step out of your house. Don’t forget to wash your hands when you come back from, sanitize your doorknobs, credit cards, mobile phones etc.


Self Isolation
Yes, 6 feet rule applies at home as well. Avoid physical contact with the people you are staying with, even if they are your friends or family. Avoid sharing the utensils, clothes, bedsheets etc. Self-isolation is necessary to prevent ourselves from this deadly virus.

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