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How to make a face mask from a bra – Easy DIY

During this coronavirus pandemic pharmacies across the world are running out of face masks. This shortage is creating panic amongst people, but fret not as we’ve got you an easy DIY hack to create a face mask at home using a BRA! Yes, you read it right, a bra face mask.

Things you would need:

  • A cotton bra
  • Thread & needle or a super-strong glue

Let’s get started

Step 1: Take an old padded bra, preferably a cotton one.

Step 2: You would need only one cup for the mask so cut the bra from the centre.

Step 3: You need to now cut the sideband of the bra.

Step 4: Next we cut the strap and save it for the next step.

Step 5: Now we stitch the strap from one end of the cup to the other. You can also use a strong adhesive for this.

Your DIY bra face mask is now ready to use. Make sure when you take it off you hold the strap and not the cup. This ensures better protection against the virus.

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