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How do Period Panties work?

Anubhuti Gupta October 11, 2019 3 min read

Everything You Need to Know about Period Panties

No matter how many years periods have caught you for; there are still chances that you go through those period accidents every now and then. You have to agree with the fact that those leaky pads and tampons leave no stone unturned and find their way out to cause those mishaps. That means, you need to prepare a little extra to get the utmost protection and peace of mind. Wondering how to do that? Period panties.


What are period panties?

The idea of period panties may seem overwhelming at first, making you feel spectical. However, these panties are getting enormously popular over the course of time, and for good reason. Period panties are super absorbent, offer great coverage, and promise to offer more protection than your usual pads or tampons.

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What is the science behind period panties?

Period panties have special features that make them so unique. Let us walk you through them.


How do period panties work?
1. Layered fabric:

Period panties have multiple layers of fabric, which makes them super absorbent. And it’s not simply about the quantity of layers too, but the quality. The fabrics are coated using latest technology, so that no accidents take place, what so ever.


2. Quick drying:

Period panties are crafted with premium fabrics that wick away the sweat and dry upto 2-3 times faster than your usual undies. They keep you comfortable and cool underneath even during the high flow days.


3. Perfect fit:

Just because period panties are crafted using special technology doesn’t mean that their fitting isn’t right. They fit just like your normal undies and don’t feel like a diaper at all. They hug your skin as comfortably as possible, providing full coverage at the back.


4. Easy to wash:

Washing period underwear doesn’t require a lot of time or care. The washing instructions are as simple as your other clothes. You simply have to rinse them after use, wash with cold water and let them out to dry.


5. Control odour:

Last but not the least, period panties control the odour, so that you can feel fresh all day long. They don’t expose the fluid to the air, so you won’t have to suffer the menstrual odour.


How to buy period panties?

If you’re convinced with the idea of period panties, you might be looking to invest in one or two of them. Here’s what you need to know to make the best purchased.


1. Know the technology:

Just like other products and garments, period panties are also available in various types serving different purposes. You must be well versed with what you are really looking for in order to guarantee yourself a hassle-free time.


2. Pay attention to quality:

You simply can’t ignore the importance of good quality period undies. Compromising on the quality can make you fall under super embarrassing situations, so make sure you don’t get yourself in trouble just to save a few bucks.


3. Stay true to your size:

The size of period panties has to be the same as your regular panties. You don’t have to go a size up or down as your original size is sure to get the right fit.



While there are numerous panties available out there, these solution based period panties are truly a must-have in your wardrobe. They can save you BIG time, so wait no more, and get buying those period panties today!

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