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Cool Things You Can Try in 21 Days At Home

Cool Things You Can Try in 21 Days At Home

Feeling bored at home? Oh! tell me about it! This 21 days lockdown has made us all antsy. What an irony, isn’t it? We always wanted to try out new things at home but we never had time and now when we have all the time in the world we are out of ideas!

Here are some cool things you can try out in 21 Days, right at home!

1.Skin care

Skin care

Let’s admit it! We all wanted to take good care of our skin but due to our hectic schedule we were never able to make time for ourselves. Now is the time ladies, you could ditch sunscreens and start nourishing your skin with all those skin care routines you’ve been watching & reading about online. Face masks and pyjamas are the best combo after all.


Girl wears Workout cloth

Your new year resolutions were a thing of the past. But it’s a great time to restart now. You can always try working out at home, saves on your gym membership too. Getting fit and having a fab bod is something we women have always desired, so why not now. You can try browsing home workout exercises.

3.Learn a new skill

Learn a new skill

Embrace your hidden talents. Make the most of this time to be productive and creative. Start enlightening your artistic skills. It’s time you revive the child in you. Pick up your long lost hobbies and show the world what you’ve got!

4. Reconnecting with your old friends

Reconnecting with your old friends

Who doesn’t miss their old friends? Remember the times we tried making get-together plans and failed. But I am sure a group video call would definitely work this time. No more excuses saying everyone’s busy in their own lives. Let’s start spending time with near and dear ones. Dig up some old memories and relive the moments, after all yeh zindagi na milegi dobara!

5.Household Chores

Household Chores

 Yes, you read that right. It is a great time to clean your house and arrange your wardrobe. Get to know your own house and arrange things in a way you’ve always wanted to. Decorate your room in the prettiest way you can. Re-create those aesthetic pinterest images and revamp your living room, bedroom & even kitchen.

6. Spend time with your loved ones

Spend time

Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we actually forget to give time to the ones we love. This lockdown is a great chance for all of us, let’s give time to those who always been there for us. Try indulging your family members for a game or karaoke night. Try to cook dinner together or watch a movie!



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