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Meet The Photograper- Bijoy Vijayraghavan

Bijoy Vijayraghavan

Our photographer Bijoy Vijayraghavan was born on 25th august in Muscat. He is an Indian photographer with internation foot prints.
He loves to binge on ‎shish taouk(traditional middle eastern kebab ‎) and obviously clicks pictures before hogging on.
He loves to hangout at Hauz Khas village like all Delhites, where it’s nice to meet a lot of different people, party and socialize of course‎.
He is a new bud in the garden professionally but he has started pursuing creative photography since the last 5-6 years. This is a hobby which turned a profession. 

When we asked what inspired him to be a photographer? – Well it was my dad’s hobby which turned into my profession. As I was born abroad he used to click a lot of my images for postcard for my relatives around the world and India and he still has a lot of my childhood photographs which is still in a good state and at that time it was slr brands like LEICA M6 with 35mm and ‎YASHICA Where I could get my hands on and from grade 8th I started playing with dad’s camera and using my pocket money to develop the films from a studio. My family’s background is more into construction and having my dad handling business and now sister who’s an architectural engineer with interior designer degree also helping dad. It was tough to convince parents that this is what you want to do after all the education. Most of my relatives and family’s belonging in white collar jobs never suggested me to get me into this but it was like an inner call so I went for it. It’s been 5years since I’m doing what I’m doing, that commercial and fashion photography and also into commercial /ads production as a director of photography. It’s been 3 years since I over to Delhi India. And India is been treating me well ever since. I’m also a graduate in business management and further have specialized in business development. So my vision is to cater the right vision of the client in the best possible quality.

Few lines about Clovia – Clovia is such a brilliant and vibrant brand. They always have the urge to keep giving new designs and new colors to the market and I have been associated with Clovia since long. Their dedication to deliver different products to the market is impeccable.
They welcome new ideas and support innovation.


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