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7 Safe Things To Do This Weekend From Home

7 Safe Things To Do This Weekend From Home

As we all know, we’ve been temporarily advised to “stay home” rather than going out. However judging from the current global situation, leaving the house is not the best idea right now. So all of us are now wondering about what to do all day long. And when the weekend arrives, we get more disheartened. FOMO, if I may call it so. But don’t you think this entire lockdown has started to feel like an extended weekend? Like way too much than we would every wanted it to be?

Don’t worry, we have got you 7 safe things to do this weekend from home.

1. Movie Night!Movie Night!

Don’t we all miss the theatres? Those loud thudding sounds, watching the most interesting scenes sitting on the edge of your recliner chairs. And that darkness is the beauty of watching a film in a theatre. We are definitely not suggesting you go watch a movie in a theatre, well even if we did, you won’t find any in this lockdown. 😛 But we are talking about converting our living area or bedroom into a mini theatre! A good thriller movie, no lights and lots of popcorn. Movie night would be an amazing thing to do this weekend.

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2. Cook At HomeCook At Home

Who doesn’t love food? Most of us are craving stuff from our favourite restaurants. Isn’t it? Well, I won’t lie, I’ve been thinking of Hyderabadi biryani for the longest time. So, how does it sound to cook our favourite food? Exciting, isn’t it? Let’s try out some recipes and discover the Masterchef in us. This weekend would be a great time to try out those mouth-watering recipes.

3. Play Board Games

Let’s travel back in time this weekend and experience some nostalgia. Board games always have childhood stories & memories connect to them. While they are a great resort when it comes to killing time and getting some entertainment in the house, they can get really intriguing too. Scrabble, Ludo, Monopoly and what not! You know your favourite one, so just pull those games out from the storage room and let’s call it a family tournament.
What if you don’t have any board games? Ah! It’s 2020 guys you all have smartphones and internet has it all. Don’t forget to send invites to your colleagues and friends.

4. Video Get-TogetherVideo Get-Together

We all miss our friends and the best way to stay connected during this lockdown is video calling. Am sure everyone would want to see their best friends and give them a bear hug, but a virtual hug would mean much more during these unprecedented times. If you’re someone staying away from your family and haven’t gotten a chance to visit your home, a video call can virtually travel you to your home and leave you contended for the day.

5. WorkoutWorkout

I just heard someone say, workouts are for weekdays and on weekends you rest. But boy, I bet you haven’t moved much during this lockdown. And honestly, we have all lost track of time. It’s the weekend that hits us hard so let’s just plan our workout sessions on the weekend. A healthy body is a key to stay away from the pandemic, so this is the best way we could healthy and active during these uncertain times. This weekend, we can always browse workout tips on the internet and start working on our target areas. Can you imagine how hot you’ll look after quarantine?

6. Find Your TalentFind Your Talent

Yes, we agree that all of us are under lockdown but our talents are not. Isn’t this a great chance to start learning a new skill or embrace the hidden talents we have. Let’s get our thinking hats on and start being productive. This lockdown can help the artist in you to evolve and develop your skills. Then why wait when you can paint?

7. Family TimeFamily Time

Isn’t this the best chance to spend more quality time with your family? Truth be told, we are all guilty of not being able to give time to our parents, siblings, spouse or friends. We’ve been all living very busy lives and have been always bound and restrict by timelines and deadlines, But now the entire world has been put on a pause, let’s live the moment and you would never get this time back. You have all the time in the world to tell your mom that she’s the best teacher, to tell your dad how much you look up to him, to tell your spouse how important they are to you or to tell your friend how much you miss them.



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