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Low Waist Bikini with 2 Strings (BK8)

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                            Low Waist Bikini with 2 Strings (BK8) 

Shop Sexy Low Waist Bikini With 2 Strings Online

What is a bikini?

Popularized after beauty pageants and swimsuit destinations, bikini briefs are named after bikini swimwear bottoms and are both stylish and great for every-day wear. Bikini panties are a type of underwear donned by women and are the most widely worn style among women worldwide. Bikinis are made out of cotton, polyamide, lace or other fabrics. This one is a sexy panty in true sense, but we at Clovia are redefining the style by adding more trend to it! Now you know where to buy bikini online in India.

A bikini is known to provide moderate coverage silhouette contributing to more coverage than a thong, but not as much as a brief. Bikinis have waistbands which typically lay anywhere between the navel and hip and ensure a semi-hi-cut legs and a moderate coverage back. Low waist sits extremely low on the hips and is an ideal pick for low rise jeans, shorts and skirts. A low waist bikini ensures that your panty remains a secret and doesn’t keep peeping out from underneath your sexy low waist outfits.


Clovia’s Bikini Fit- Low Waist Bikini with 2 Strings is a very bold and sexy style. Ideal for petite women, this style looks great in you have a not-so broad hip area. This fit flatters apple shaped, oval and inverted triangle body types. Living up to its swimsuit origin, this bikini sits low on the waist and has trendy stringy sides with broad cut-out details. This low waist bikini fit is ideal for low waist shorts, jeans and skirts. This style sits very low on the waist and makes sure that no ugly panty lines are visible from underneath your sexy low waist outfits.


Clovia’s bikinis are crafted with finest of fabrics. Keeping the ever-changing Indian weather into consideration, we have a range of breathable cotton panties for summers, moisture-wicking polyamide panties for humid climate and even lacy ones for special occasions. 

Prints & Patterns-

Clovia’s got something for everyone, pick from pretty little printed panties to subtle solids for everyday wear. Keeping up with the trend, Clovia has everything from pretty florals to classic polkas and trending tropical to amazing abstracts.


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