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Scarf Style Face Masks

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Scarf Style Face Masks : Want to protect yourself in comfort plus style? Try the scarf fit face masks. Having a scarf like design, these masks are not only super helpful in protecting yourself, but also help you keep your fashion foot forward. Very simple to use, these masks are simply meant to be worn by their ear loops an ... Read more

                            Scarf Style Face Masks 

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Protect Yourself in Style with Scarf Face Masks

Like we already know, the best way to contain the spread of Covid19 is by wearing face masks. Time and tested, doctors highly recommend us to stay home for maximum possible time to flatten the curve. But in case you do need to go out, wearing a face mask becomes imperative. But what if we tell you that your face mask could solve more purpose than one and can also be a style statement? Don’t believe us? Try out our scarf fit face masks and see for yourself.


Our scarf fit face masks are usually double and triple layered. Their length goes from the bridge of your nose to your chest. They feature ear loops at the back, so you can easily add an extra filter layer for utmost protection. Both the ends of the scarf can be tied at the back for a comfortable fit.


Our masks not only cover your nose and mouth, but also your neck, promising a high level of protection against viruses. Additionally, they are a great way to shelter yourself from the harmful sun rays and dust. And since they are so stylish, they are also a great pick to complement your fashion outfits. They make an ideal choice while traveling, walking, riding a two wheeler, shopping, and more.


Just like any other reusable mask, these masks also need to be hand washed after every use with soap and water. Before wearing the mask, just make sure that it’s clean and dry. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before as well as after wearing the mask. It is also imperative to hold the mask by its loops and not the front or back. These little tips and tricks will increase the longevity of your mask as well as keep you safe.

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