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Surgical Masks

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                            Face Mask 
Surgical Masks : Covid-19 has left us all combating in these difficult times. While the most effective way to keep safe turns out to be staying at home, we cant miss out on important groceries and medicines. Apparently, the only feasible way to wear protective face masks and we, at Clovia, have got all kinds of face ... Read more

Buy Protective Face Masks Online

Considering the rapid pace at which the Coronavirus is spreading, CDC has recommended everyone out there to wear protective face masks. It says it is one of the most crucial ways to keep yourself as well as others protected from this global pandemic. By restricting the respiratory droplets, these masks prevent the chances of transmission. Let us learn about the importance of face masks in detail below.

What is a face mask?

Face mask is basically a cloth-like covering designed for your nose and mouth to prevent the spread of infections and diseases. Not only does it block the transmission of large particles, but it also helps prevent hand-to-face contact, which otherwise is usually difficult to avoid.

Types of Face Masks

While there are numerous types of face masks available in the market, majorly they can be classified into two types.

Surgical masks: They are those loose-fitting masks that healthcare workers often put on during those surgeries. They effectively cover your nose, mouth & chin to keep you safe from those large droplets and splashes. They either have elasticated ear hoops or have long strands at the sides which can be tied at the back to keep the mask in place.

Kn95 masks: These masks are probably the most effective of all and are best for people out there who are battling the disease on the frontline for us. Not only do these masks filter out those splashes and droplets, but can also effectively filter out about 95% of particles. These masks are usually oval shaped and have elastic ear hoops to provide a firm fit to your face.

Facemasks on Clovia

As cases of Covid-19 continue to rise, we at Clovia, wanted to lend a helping hand to curb the dearth of face masks. So, we introduced a couple of protective face masks, including the surgical and N-95 ones. Our masks are not only comfortable, but also provide adequate protection.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Face Mask

WHO has recommended several steps to be taken before putting on a face mask. Here’s what you should know.

1. Before putting on a mask, wash your hands with soap and water, or use an alcohol based hand rub.
2. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask and ensure there are no gaps in between.
3. Avoid touching the mask during use. In case you do, be sure to clean your hands as recommended in the first step.
4. Replace the mask after use if it’s a disposable one. If it’s a reusable one, we highly recommended you wash it after every use.
5. Always remove the mask from behind. Do not touch the front of the mask.
6. Discard the mask after use in a closed bin where it’s not reachable to others. Once done, clean your hands again.

Still have a plethora of questions in your mind? We’ve got you covered.


Q1. Can wearing a face mask prevent COVID-19?
A1. Yes, wearing a face mask in public can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, you need to keep the other WHO guidelines in mind for utmost effectiveness.

Q2. What are the best face masks?
A2. There’s no best when it comes to face mask. If you’re heading to public places like for groceries or medicines, you can wear a cloth based face mask or a surgical one. However, for healthcare professionals, the best bet is the N95 face masks.

Q3. How many times should I use a face mask?
A3. Like we mentioned above, it depends on the type of mask. If it’s a disposable one, you need to replace it immediately after use. However, if it’s a reusable one, you need to wash it after every use. You can use it anywhere between 20-30 washes.

Q4. Is it safe to order a face mask online?
A4. Absolutely. At Clovia, we promise to provide you high quality face masks delivered at your doorstep.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy protective face masks today and upscale your safety.

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