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Face Masks

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Clovia Reusable Masks : With the increasing number of Coronavirus cases, ensuring your utmost protection only makes sense. And one of the best ways to do that is by wearing a face mask. It not only acts as a barrier between the external environment and your face, but also ensures you do not touch your face directly when yo ... Read more

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Protect Yourself by Wearing Protective Face Masks

With the rapidly increasing cases of Coronavirus in India, it only makes sense to ensure utmost protection from our end. While boosting immunity and maintaining social distance is certainly an effective way to flatten the curve, one of the most sustainable solutions turns out to be wearing a protective face mask, especially if you’re going out. And by a face mask, we don’t simply mean any regular homemade face mask. We recommend you go for protective 2 or 3 layered face masks as they help curb the virus not only going from you but also coming to you.

Let us dwell deeper into the world of face masks, their role in protecting you, how you can wear them, and the various types you can find at Clovia.

Benefits of Face Masks

1. Prevents airborne infections: The biggest advantage of wearing a face mask in public is that it ensures your nose and body is covered, so you’re not prone to airborne infection. So, even if you do come in contact with an infected person who is coughing or sneezing, you will more likely be protected as the mask creates a barrier between the outside environment and your face.

2. Protects others: Apart from ensuring your own safety, it is your utmost responsibility to ensure others protection as well. If you’re contagious but wearing a face mask, the virus probably won’t reach as many people. This helps break the chain and ensure better wellbeing of others around you. .

3. Avoid contact with mouth: Apart from coming in contact with an infected person, another major source of the virus spread is the contact of hand with face. This is why doctors are stressing so much importance on washing hands and using sanitizers often. This brings us to another benefit of wearing a face mask, i.e., it helps avoid direct contact of the hand with the face. So, even if you do touch your face by mistake, you’re not touching it directly.

Tips to Wear a Face Mask

1. Clean hands: Wash your hands before and after wearing a face mask. You don’t want to make yourself prone to infections in any way. If you don’t have access to soap and water, use an alcohol based hand rub.

2. Cover properly: Oftentimes, people leave their nose or mouth uncovered, or both. Highly refrain from this habit. Make sure that the mask is covering your face right from the bridge of your nose to the chin. It shouldn’t have any gaping whatsoever.

3. Remove the mask properly: Always, we repeat, always remove the mask from behind using its ear loops. If it’s a reusable mask, cleanse it immediately and if it’s a disposable one, discard it in a closed bin and switch to a new mask.

Types of Face Masks

1. Surgical masks: Probably the most common of all masks is the surgical mask. It has a melt blown fabric in the midst of non woven fabric, which makes it ideal for everyday wear. It is a disposable mask and needs to be replaced after every use.

2. 3 Layer reusable masks: As the coronavirus cases are increasing at a rapid speed, the types of masks are also coming up in the marketplace. One of the best of them all are the 3 layer reusable masks. They have a filter in between and the inner layer is usually crafted with cotton for utmost comfort and breathability. The outer layer can be crafted with anything from cotton, to polyamide, to polyester. We have some incredible 3 layer reusable face masks that provide you the best of both worlds- comfort and protection.

3. Scarf fit masks: If style is on your mind, these masks are a great fit for you. They are super pretty and can be used for multiple purposes. Not only do they protect you against the virus but their longer length also aids in protection from sun and dust. They can be tied at the back for a comfortable fit and also feature loops to add an extra layer for filtration.

4. Kids masks: Your kid won’t fit in the same mask as yours. It becomes imperative for you to buy a mask that fits him perfectly for his utmost protection. At the same time, they also have a super comfortable fit as they feature fabric extenders at the back, so that your child doesn’t feel uncomfortable even after prolonged hours of use.

Now what are you waiting for? Protect yourself and your little ones in style with Clovia reusable face masks. We have got the best of the lot both in terms of quality and cost, so you don’t have to compromise in anything.

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